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Blanca Villalobos Smartphones by Mind Map: Blanca Villalobos
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Blanca Villalobos Smartphones

Carriers, 3G, 4G


Cynthia Peiz

Faster surfing and loading

Disclaimer: 3G network not available in all areas

3G provides accelerated data speeds-


Janett Martinez

Headway in getting its 4G network in place by selecting LTE technology

4G LTE network roughly similar to current 3G network

their network has seen peek download speeds of around 50Mbps, reality is around 10Mbps,

AT&T holds speed over Verizon.,, cell sites in New England provide 3G wireless data connectivity,


4G phone, as fast as DSL and cable wired connections


Android phones,


3G network coverage,



Linux, Linux OS supports most processors,

iPhone vs Smartphones, iPhone, Pros:, Thin, sleek design., High-quality pre-installed applications, Reads, not edits, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Adobe PDF files, Cons:, multi-year contracts in many countries, Not good battery life, Larger capacity for less money,, Smartphone, Pros:, PDA and mobile phone functionality, Portable multimedia-device., Variety of accessories, Cons:, Different set of built-in applications, Nationwide coverage,

Windows Mobile

Web OS

Blackberry Storm vs iPhone, Blackberry Storm, Cons:, BlackBerry Storm with the stock update sucks, Have to view one web page at a time, iPhone, Pros:, Multitasking: finally be able to switch back and forth between applications, Merge iPhone OS and iPad OS, Cons:, Wi-Fi syncing, Built-in photo editing,,;mlt_related,;mlt_related,2817,2360152,00.asp



Moorestown, Nearly every smartphone contains an application processor based on processor cores from ARM,,2817,2360152,00.asp, Intel Corporation's Atom processor based system-on-a-chip that's designed for smartphones,


Nvidia's Tegra

Smartphone screen

iPhone vs Droid

iPhone, AT&T, older Edge network, not 3G, 4.76 oz (135 g), Browser, Screen size: 3.5" diagonal, GPS: A-GPS; photo, video geo-tagging, Keyboard: No

Droid, Verizon, Best 3G coverage in America, 5.99 oz (170 g), Browser: WebKit-based, Screen size: 3.7" diagonal, GPS, Keyboard: Layout-Qwerty

Blackberry Storm 2 vs. Palm Pre

Blackberry Storm 2, Pros: improved Wi-Fi, double the memory,, Cons:touch screen slow

Palm Pre, Pros: touch screen which allows many features,, Cons:small screen

Nexus One

Kenya Morales, Pros: 1.)weighs 130 grams and is 11.5 millimeters thick. 2.)Video played for over 3 hours 3.) self adjust brightness 4.)5 megapixel w/flash. 5.) assign your Google Voice number to the phone

Wendy Cardenas, Cons: 1. choice of coloring 2. no physical camera key 3. color balance 4. tinny loudspeaker,


3G, faster 3G data speeds via UMTS with 3.6 Mbps HSDPA, assisted GPS.

3GS, higher resolution and video capability

Original, released for sale to At&T users that had two-year contracts,

Wrist Watch Phone

Product Description • Wrist Type: Wrist mobile phone (Watch mobile phone) • General Network GSM900/GSM1800/GSM1900 • Supports dual SIM card • Stereo calls • Bluetooth wireless data transmission/USB data transmission • 1.3 megapixels CMOS camera.

wrist watch phone, pros:, Jorje Alejandro, A watch phone replaces two devices: a wrist watch and a cellphone, cell phone, mp3 player, video player, digital and video camera, Ted DiPerna, cons:, A watch phone’s size is much bigger than a normal wrist watch