Gastroviruses (GIT)

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Gastroviruses (GIT) by Mind Map: Gastroviruses (GIT)

1. enteric viruses

1.1. true gut

1.1.1. 75% of infective diarrhoea

1.1.2. infectious at low doses (100 -> disease) shed at large numbers (10^12/g) can survive handwashing

1.1.3. alimentary tract (all structures from mouth to anus) hostile (acid, akaline-intestine, digestive enzyme, bile detergents) hence, particle stability (persist 60 days)

1.1.4. 4 viruses associated with most viral gastroenteritis rota diagnoses/treatment prevention noro features wedding cake outbreaks detection

1.2. capable of spreading elswhere (Polio - CNS) (e.g. Hep A and E - liver)