Dengue (Vector-borne)

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Dengue (Vector-borne) by Mind Map: Dengue (Vector-borne)


1.1. tropical (arbovirus)

2. clinical features

2.1. 50% no symptoms

2.2. Dengue fever

2.2.1. resistant to that serotype (4 different)

2.3. Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever and Shock Syndrome (Treatable)

2.3.1. 4 hypotheses 1. difference genetic susceptibility (MHC haplotype) 2. Ab-dependent enhancement (multiple serotype) 3. over-active Tc response 4. hypervirulent strains

3. phylogeny (yellow fever) (HARD TO CHANGE THE VECTOR)

3.1. (Asian or African origin?) (Macroevolutionary patterns shaped by vector)

3.1.1. zone of emergence (rural)

3.1.2. comparison YF and DENV

4. region

4.1. new clades have better fitness for mosquitoes

5. Vaccines

5.1. lots of side-effects

5.2. instead we can "vaccinate mosquitoes" with Wolbachia