Using MindMeister in education

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Using MindMeister in education by Mind Map: Using MindMeister in education

1. Donna Nicholson Arnott (a student) uses MM for:

1.1. planning and targeting revision and scheduling writing

1.2. more efficient reading and studying

1.3. tackling her dyslexia

2. Anthony Valentin (High School teacher) uses MM for:

2.1. engaging and inspiring students in the classroom

2.2. better linking between classroom and homework activities

2.3. improving critical thinking ability of his students

3. Part Time Scientists (a project) uses MM to:

3.1. to collect and share data about the moon with team members

3.2. to have all data in one centralized document

3.3. to eliminate duplicate work

4. Danny Cayelli (a student) uses MM for:

4.1. reading comprehension assignments at school

4.2. creating mental maps that represent his thoughts in an organized fashion

4.3. triggering his memory

5. The British International School of New York uses MM to:

5.1. to aid with formative assessments in advance of End-of-Year Exams

6. The United World College in South East Asia uses MM to:

6.1. to facilitate collaboration between students and teachers

6.2. to make activities more student centric, learning more explicit, more authentic