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A child in a happy family may learn to grow in a happy sucure way.They will usaully have ambitions and dreams.They ill carrya positive outlook on life and on how to deal with diffrent situations.How you werebrought up as a child ex (normal upbringing) (abnormal upbringing) has a big impact on how people treat you.


Being female or male means having diffrent expectations upon us.The social.The social society treat females and males very diffrently (ex) what oppurtunities are avalable to them,what jobs are avalable to them.Discrimination between sexes and a question of who should carry the power??


Depending on ones religion changes the way one percives the world.There beliefs to wht they bring into society affects what they believe in as a whole and the way they interact and make disisions.


Depending on our family and our upbringing depends on what expectations are held upon us,and the pressure's to succeed and work hard relates to how we deal with the world.



Not being employed leads to not feeling happy,feeling worthless.It affects the way you percive things and your reactions to diffrent situations.


A good income means having the ability to take holidays.take time of and have the money to be able to surport yourself and your familys needs.That will bring a feeling of sucurity to anybody.


Promotions show the individual thatnthey are respected and appriciated and thier knowledge and work is noticed.This creates a positive working attitude that will affect the communtiy and the public.It makes people want to work harder and put more effort into thier jobs.




Having droped out in school puts a limit to what the world will take from you.As the workforce changes dramatically over the years people look for what qualifications you have and what you can offer them as a bissness.If they dont see the potential they want to see then it makes it very hard for an individaul to succeed.People judge and see dropouts very diffrently to the people who have passed schooling and have qualification.


Bullying and breaking the law are along go hand in hand with each other.As people go threw the most inportant stage of thier life where they grow emotionally and socially,bullying has a way of stunting the growth and thier confidence in the individual.Which has a huge impact on how they see opurtunitiesa and life.Because of being so put down they often look for something that will give them a powerful feeling.Breaking the law comes in a a way of being that big person that once picked on them.


The way we feel in life is a reflection to how we live life but how we live life comes from what oppurtunities are givemn to us or made available to us.



Convictions has a massive impact on somebodys life.It stops them from having a free range of options.Its stops them travelling and applying or diffrent jobs,and also has a huge impact on how the public treat them and see them.


Jailtime has a massive impact on the cummunity as a hole as well as an individual.People who have been to jail often find that employers and thew community are itimadated by them and will refuse to give them a chance jue to the risk of losing bissness or the name for themselfs.People who come out of jail are feared and looked down apon which reflects on how they get on in life.