Aesthetica Film Festival

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Aesthetica Film Festival by Mind Map: Aesthetica Film Festival

1. Comedy: Girl Power

1.1. Looking into the dark world of publishing, following a character who goes through new experiences, but from these comes out of at the end with confidence, an attractive appearance, and extra contacts in the industry she wants to conquer. Although it is a short film, I really felt as though I was watching a professional feature film, because of the stunning cinematography, the different shots: office scenes vs. nightclub scenes - All shot to the best possible standard. Also, the journey we are taken on with the lead character is a long one, but shown in the 20minute film, although a comedy, it did seem like it would've fitted better in the drama genre, as it really wasn't that funny. But the acting performances were really good, a variation of different characters, including one comedic character in the office scenes, who was the only role that pushed the comedy.

2. Drama: Last Call

2.1. 'Last Call' was my favourite film from the entire festival, I just loved the naturalism in the acting, and the idea of narrative. Its about a soldier who has managed to stand on a landline, therefore when he moves he will be blown up by the bomb, so he makes a phone call to his ex-wife and daughter. It was such an emotionally led piece of acting, and really did it with grace and excellent execution. The cinematography of the battlefield at the beginning was also filmed very well, the CGI aspects were well created (especially for a short film). The narrative was the key reason for this being my favourite, as it was set in the present day, and as said before just so naturalistic! The enigma at the end was also a clever way to end the piece, as we do not know when or if he was blown up after the call, we can obviously assumer he was, but if the director did choose to show the death, it may have spoilt the piece. It left the audience with their eyes-welled and hearts warmed, rather than sorrowful and depressed.

3. Thriller: Infringe

3.1. About a character called Naomi who has an impulse to commit something bad, fooling around with the mental sanity of blind girl (Laura). The intensity behind the narrative here, and how the sound and music was used to created suspense made this film my favourite from the thriller section. The way in which the audience could usually see Naomi about to scare Laura, still made it frightening for us because of the terror we felt for Laura's character. We knew what to expect but yet because of Laura being blind we were worried for her to be mentally harassed. Also, the way in which the filming of this film used some extreme close-ups, and executed them so well made the film so powerful to watch. There was a section when Naomi plays with Laura's eyelashes with a blade, and the definition of the shot showed us exactly when each eyelash was being touched and moved. The smoothness of the shots is also something that I will take from this film, and want to put into my own film.

4. Experimental: On Loop

4.1. What made this my favourite comedy piece was the abstract cinematography used, the different shapes, and cartoon like structure to the piece, but the theme of such a normal event. Based around a character with insomnia, who is going over many things in their mind when lying in bed. The use of narration throughout was so comedic, and the constant changes of colourings and the image would sometimes be double-up (slight split screen effect), and changes to an extreme zoom on some sections of the drama, the composition was always slightly out of sync with each frame and shot, but as this stayed constant it made the piece become an abstract short film. The idea was so simple, but the bright colours (high saturation) and simple cartoon like images added to the piece, and helped with the comedy aspect.