Learning Environments

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Learning Environments by Mind Map: Learning Environments

1. One-Computer Classroom

1.1. difficult to make student centered

1.2. teacher presents student work

1.3. teacher presents content and videos, etc.

2. Computer Stations/ Stand-Alone Computer Lab

2.1. curriculum is integrated at key moments in the year or on a weekly basis

2.2. needs a schedule

2.3. requires prior planning

3. One-to-One Environment

3.1. each student has equal access

3.2. ownership of computer and personalization

3.3. always available and integrated across curriculum

4. Interactive whiteboards, student responder techniques

4.1. students get to engage with the whiteboard

4.2. substitution for technology for all

5. Tablet computing

5.1. creation and documentation tool

5.2. make videos, podcasts, songs, etc.

5.3. limited functionality for extended use


6.1. less funds needed to operate

6.2. takes advantage of technology that is available

7. Cloud Computing

7.1. access "schoolwork" at home

7.2. saved revisions

7.3. ability to share and collaborate

8. Blended learning/Flipped classroom

8.1. maximize class time

8.2. preteach topics

9. Online learning

9.1. larger pool of students

9.2. everyone gets an equal voice in discussions

9.3. ability to work at any time/place

10. No computers in the classroom, by design

10.1. ignoring the Common Core Standards

10.2. not concerned with students technology skills

10.3. Why???