Smart Phones

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Smart Phones by Mind Map: Smart Phones

1. iPhone

1.1. Pros: Fully functional touch screen(one of the best out there) Has a lot of applications Good interface

1.2. Cons: Stuck with one wireless provider With text you cannot copy and paste No multitasking

2. Nexus One

2.1. Pros: Snapdragon 1GHz core processor Touch screen Great 3-D graphics Live wallpaper

2.2. Cons: Fancy hardware is an energy hog Mic is located on the bottom front but to the left, which can make it hard for callers to hear you at times.

3. Processors: The processors on smart phones are getting smaller while the power is doubling. They will be able to about everything a desktop computer can do such as run high end programs like Adobe Photoshop. They will be able to multitask with no problem and be able to send huge pieces of data over wi-fi from your phone to another smart phone or computer.

4. Droid:

4.1. Pros: Android OS 2.0 Touch screen and physical slide out QWERTY keyboard Good internet browsing Faster than most smartphones Alot of Applications

4.2. Cons: No Multitouch People have experienced email problems Music Application is nothing fancy Cannot set an actual password

5. Blackberry Storm 2 vs Palm Pre

5.1. Palm Pre: Built from scratch OS Keyboard Blackberry like, but much smaller and a touch screen

5.2. Blackberry Storm 2: Has Wifi Best email experience Easy to use interface touch screen without clicking screen no physical keyboard Blackberry OS

6. Smartphone screen: Smart phones have a variety of different types of screens. Most have a full QWERTY keyboard now. The screens are noticeably larger than most basic phones. There is also a new feature that has been taken the phone market by storm, and that is the touch screen. The touch screen has revolutionized phones as first demonstrated by the iPhone. It has no keyboard but has a touch screen keyboard. What some phones are doing now is implicated a touch screen and full keyboard because not everyone likes a full touch screen phone.

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