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mammals by Mind Map: mammals
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The world of mammals

4000 kinds of mammals in the world

400 in north america

find them on land, under ground, at sea, and in the air

ability is amazing

what is a mammal?

mammals from bats to whales share somthing alike

mammals spend time raising young and training them then other animals do

female mammals are the only creatures that make milk for there younge and filled with vitamines and minerals and everything it needs.

what eats a mammal?

they eat plants,meet, fish, and insects.there teeth is deigned for what they eat. sharp ones are for grinding and ripping

carnivores like lions and wolves are fast to catch prey

killer whales act like carnivores they chase fish or swim for fish or seal

endangered species

mammals share its habitat with other plants and animals. mammals play a role to keeping the eco system healthy

when a mammal is endangered the hole eco system is affectived

mammals that are endangered grizzly bear, mountain lions, bob cats, key dear, red and gray wolve and alot more.

snowshoe hare

the snowshoe hare is brown in the summer and white in the winter

the snowshoe hare is named after a shoe named by the native americans

the rabbit is 14-18 in

striped skunk

a skunk could blind you if you are ten foot away

if you see a bold black and white colors about 13-16 in. then stay away

an animal that get sprayed will never forget the colors of the skunk

eastern chipmunk

they are always on the move to collect nut to store in the winter

most chipmunks look like the eastern chipmunk

the track of a squirrel looks like the chipmunk

deer mouse

the deer mouse comes in alot of colors with sparkling eyes

it eats seeds, nuts, fruits, inscts, and fungi

lives in old bird nest and in trees

it doesnt cause big problem like the house mouse