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The Titanic by Mind Map: The Titanic
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The Titanic


First class: 199 lived 130 died

Second Class:119 lived 166 died

Third Class: 174 lived 536 died

Building the Titanic

Started building in 1909 ended in 1911

Took 3 anchors and 20 horses. Aonchors weighed 15.75 tons

propellers measured 23 ft 5in each. Bronze blades


Lots of work to decorate

Reading room was a favorite.

Full of beautiful furniture


First class dining room had 550 people

Second class men played cards

Third class travled light


Sank April 14 1912

To late to turn when hit iceberg

Iceberge measured 100 feet


25 min after collison Captin realized damage was bad.

Messagers sent letters out saying HELP

Women and children first, but men escaped

Final Moments

Ship spilt in half when sank

Some didn't make the life boats

No light on life boats

Lost and Found

people are looking for things and they have found things

Cleaned in special chemiclas

Sent to labortory in France