Daniel Thai's scorpion project

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Daniel Thai's scorpion project by Mind Map: Daniel Thai's scorpion project

1. Way to glow

1.1. Most scorpions live in deserts, forests, grasslands, and caves.

1.2. Molted scorpions can't glow because they need a higher level of exoscelton to glow.

1.3. Before sientist knew that scorpions could glow the would hide during the day and they didn't know what they did at night.

2. The scorpions of scorpions

2.1. Creepy, deadly, sneaky- these are words people use to describe scorpions

2.2. There are almost 1500 spieces, and only 25 have venom

2.3. Underwater 2 days, frozen for weeks.

3. Favorite hang outs

3.1. The wood scorpion lives in the frosted , rocky area of Canada. And its pinch is more powerful then its sting.

3.2. The south africa rock scorpion is the biggest scorpion in the world.

3.3. sand scorpions are cannibals.

4. Scorpion stalkers

4.1. When scorpion hunters go hunting for there subjects they wear leggings because scorpions glow and snakes don't.

4.2. Scorpion hunters will do anything to find new speacies of scorpion like going threw storms.

4.3. Behvior of a scorpion debends on its age.

5. Ancien Scorpions

5.1. Scorpions have been swimming and crawling for 400 million years.

5.2. Egyptions were so impressed with the scorpions they named a constillationin its honor.

5.3. Scrpions appear in many mitholigys such as greek.

6. Older the dirt

6.1. 325 millionyear old fossillsprov that scorpions have been around eaven befor the dinosaurs

6.2. Before scorpions evolved they were swimmers

6.3. The best sea scorpion fosslis are found in ups6tate new york

7. Whats for dinner

7.1. When a scorpion hunts it waits for night to fall.

7.2. Like other arachnids scorpions make there food into soup. By shooting its stomach acid on there prey.

7.3. Humans can't see scorpions glow with out a speacial light. But animals can and there attracted to it. So when there hunting at night there food comes to them.

8. They want to be alone

8.1. The rare giant hairy scorpion digs deep in desert soil

8.2. If the desert israeli golden scorpion dosn't dig a burrow it will die

8.3. The dusty footed dosn't huntbut it sets trapsby hiding in its burrow then waits for its prey to fall in