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Humming Birds by Mind Map: Humming Birds
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Humming Birds

Broad Billed Hummmin bird

Average size 3 1/2 in to 4 in.

Nests in the mid-April and mid-July.

Males colors are blue green throat,green chest, red bill

Violet Crownd Humming Bird

Averege size is 3 3/4- 4 1/2 in.

Male si Lighter then Femal, has a duller crown

It migrates to Sonora and Chiapas.

Blue Throated Humming Bird

Averege size is 4 1/2-5 1/4 in.

Nests in Mid-April to Mid-July

Migrates in Resides in the U.S during summer

The Flight

They can propel them selves to each side.

They can hover them selves and fly upside down.

When it flies up and down its only using its hands.


The wings Shape cuases them to fly in different volocities.

The different volocities are cuased by upper and lower surffaces.

The wings are mostley controlled bye the brest muscles.


They like to breed during the spring and summer months.

Annas humming birds like to breed during the winter and spring.

its easier to get food after the rainy season.

The Food

When they eat its used to restore their energy.

They are so small so their bodies work faster

Their rates (energy) is much higher wich is good.


When they sing it means their communicating

They are noisey but their loudest chirp cant be herd by a human

The wine throated bird songs a song