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Jacinto Montoya's Topic Web by Mind Map: Jacinto Montoya's Topic Web

1. Freedom

1.1. Colonists were seeking freedom In the U.S.

1.2. We also celebrate in song, poems, etc

1.3. After it was signed the U.S. took over the colonies

2. The men who signed it

2.1. The men who signed it wanted to be free

2.2. When the last person signed the bell rang and people cheered

2.3. When it was signed people were happy and free

3. After the Declaration

3.1. After it was signed the U.S. was free

3.2. Great Britian didn't control the U.S.

3.3. We celebrate the U.S.A.'s freedom

4. 4th of July

4.1. The declaration was signed in 1776

4.2. The 4th of July wasn't considered a federal holidsy until 1941

4.3. After 150 years it took place in Budapet

5. After the 4th of July

5.1. We celebrate the freedom in that document

5.2. The people who signed it and generations on are going to be free

5.3. John Adams was happy to see the declaration signed

6. Paul Revere

6.1. In 1785 Paul Revere rode all night

6.2. He told everybody that the British were coming

6.3. He told everybody that everybody that the british

7. Keokuk, Iowa

7.1. Celebrated July 4th on the 3rd

7.2. Parade's and Banner's everywhere

7.3. 2000 people were there

8. 56 Men

8.1. The ones who went led the war

8.2. some of those men went to the revelutionary war

8.3. 56 men signed the declaration