Ch. 7-8-9- Test

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Ch. 7-8-9- Test by Mind Map: Ch. 7-8-9- Test

1. 2nd Great Awakening

1.1. Reformers

1.1.1. Charles Grandison Finney Spoke with drama Traveled around to spread his word

1.1.2. Richard Allen Had a African American Church.

1.1.3. Ralph Waldo Emerson Leader in Transcendentalism movrement Wrote Nature

2. Slavery

2.1. Abolitionit

2.1.1. William Lloyd Garrison Wrote The Liberator Mother left him at a young age

2.1.2. Fredrick Douglass Former Slave Joined with Garrison and spoke to people Wrote The North Star

2.1.3. Grimke Sisters Women Rights

2.2. Abraham Lincoln

2.2.1. Emancipation Proclamation

3. Nationalism

3.1. American System

3.1.1. National Railway

3.1.2. Tariff to protect So the British goods don't sell more than American

3.1.3. National bank Promoted trade between states National currency

3.2. Manifest Destiny

3.2.1. America would take all of north america

3.2.2. America was destined for greatness

4. Western Expansion

4.1. Gold Rush

4.1.1. 1848

4.1.2. Brought many people to the west including slaves

4.1.3. Lead to California wanting state hood

4.2. Reduced the need for Slave south's agrigulculture

5. Industrial revoution

5.1. Inventions

5.1.1. Transportatiopn Steam-power revamped Canals more canals Route to the west Roads Revamped to allow more wagons and different wagon railway transportation through out the north and to the west

5.2. Eli Whitney

5.2.1. Cotton Gin

5.2.2. Interchangeable parts