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Vote for the next MindMeister feature! by Mind Map: Vote for the next MindMeister feature!

1. More & Better Integrations

1.1. JIRA

1.2. SalesForce

1.3. Evernote

1.4. Trello

2. More Export Options

2.1. Gantt Chart

2.2. OPML

2.3. Spreadsheet (XLS / CSV)

3. More Apps / Clients

3.1. Windows app

3.2. Mac OS X app

3.3. Linux App

3.4. Windows Phone app

4. Mapping Features

4.1. Allow free movement of all topics

4.2. Multiple root nodes / center topics

4.3. Text formatting for topics

4.4. Access rights within map

4.5. Bigger poster mode

4.6. Multiple parent topics

4.7. Outline view

4.8. Filtered/Focused view (Drill Down)

5. Map Organization

5.1. Folder Sharing

5.2. All maps in Google Drive

6. PLEASE NOTE: Voting on this map is suspended as we had problems with users changing the structure of the map and deleting branches