PS29 4th Grade Media Literacy Curriculum Planning Framework

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PS29 4th Grade Media Literacy Curriculum Planning Framework by Mind Map: PS29 4th Grade Media Literacy Curriculum Planning Framework

1. Work Products

1.1. Podcasts

1.2. Digital Bins

1.3. Annotated Texts

1.4. Curated Digital Resource Bins

2. Instructional Strategies

2.1. Class management

2.1.1. done on 4 ipads

2.1.2. iPads scheduled between classes

2.2. How did it engage the kids?

2.3. Research, take notes, write draft, add images, record narration

2.4. Use storyboards to plan digital work???

2.5. keep the flexibility

2.5.1. let kids pull from the creative cloud images

2.5.2. allow kids to add their own images

2.5.3. ease of use/choices

2.5.4. images easy to add

2.5.5. built in themes

2.5.6. sharing the iPads worked

2.5.7. cloud-based

3. Tools (Tech)

3.1. Adobe Voice

3.2. Google Drive

3.3. educlipper

3.4. voicethread

3.5. Limitations???

3.6. Garageband

3.7. Blogging

4. Standards

4.1. Media Literacy

4.1.1. Managing a digital account (Google Drive)

4.1.2. Managing digital projects (Adobe Voice)

4.1.3. Research basics

4.2. Common Core ELA

4.3. NYCDOE Social Studies Standards

5. Texts (Media)

5.1. Pictures, PDFs, Word Docs, videos, links in Google Drive


6.1. Enhance the essential questions of the unit(s)

6.2. Filling gaps in available resources outside of standard texts

6.3. Teaching how to study different types of digital texts

6.4. Feedback/Annotation

6.4.1. commenting on students work

6.4.2. sharing with parents

6.4.3. looking at student work

6.4.4. peer editing

6.5. Making book clubs more (now to march)

6.5.1. Book Trailers

6.5.2. Book discussions online

6.5.3. Interactive online book clubs (during historical fiction)

6.5.4. Accountable Talk Blog/Google Drive Comments/Genius?

6.5.5. setting assignments within group

6.5.6. homework stretched over a week

6.6. Recording informational writing

6.7. Enhance American Revolution Unit

6.7.1. reading nonfiction

6.7.2. writing info books

6.7.3. social studies content

6.7.4. supplementary bins

6.7.5. creating info books online??? (bear books)