Data types and their characteristics

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Data types and their characteristics by Mind Map: Data types and their characteristics

1. Text

1.1. Text data type can hold any letter, number, symbol or punctuation it is usually referred to as alpha numerical or string`

1.2. .docx

1.2.1. Used for Microsoft Word documents.

1.3. .txt

1.3.1. It indicates the file is a text document usually used by notepad files.

1.4. .log

1.4.1. A log file is a file that contains a list of events, which have been "logged" by a computer. Log files are often generated during software installations and are created by Web servers.

2. Numeric

2.1. Numeric data types store numbers, for example quantities and currency values.

2.2. .tsv

2.2.1. A .tsv file (tab separated value) stores records of numerical and textual information as lines, using tab characters to separate fields.

2.3. .csv

2.3.1. A .csv file (comma seperated value) Stores records of numerical and textual information as lines, using commas to separate fields.

3. Image

3.1. Bitmap graphics; images and photos. Vector graphics; maths. Databases alter graphical images such as photographs to be stored as a data type, images are binary files rather than text or numbers.

3.2. .jpg

3.2.1. The JPG is probably the most common file format now in use for storing digital images, especially on the web. It is ideal for images that use more than 256 colours, such as digital photographs.

3.3. .GIF

3.3.1. The GIF file format is commonly used on the web. It is ideal for images that have large blocks of a single colour, and it can support up to a maximum of 256 colours.

3.4. .BMP

3.4.1. This is an appropriate file format for Windows users. It is used for general storage purposes such as when images are awaiting editing , or as wallpaper for a Windows desktop

4. Video

4.1. A series of moving images that include sound

4.1.1. .flv Because of the cross-platform availability of Flash video players, the Flash video format has become increasingly popular. Flash video is playable within Flash movies files, which are supported by practically every browser on every platform.

4.1.2. .wmv WMV format, short for Windows Media Video was developed by Microsoft. It was originally designed for internet streaming applications, and can now cater to more specialized content

4.1.3. .mov The QuickTime format was developed by Apple and is a very common one. It is often used on the internet, and for saving movie and video files.

5. Audio

5.1. Audio refers to anything to do with sound, audio formatted files are usually recorded in the first place/created using special software. analog inserts --> Digital inputs

5.1.1. .wav Standard audio file format used mainly in Windows PCs. Commonly used for storing uncompressed sound files.

5.1.2. .mp3 mp3 - the MPEG layer 3 format is the most popular format for downloading and storing music. By eliminating portions of the audio file that inaudible.