Studying abroad

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Studying abroad by Mind Map: Studying abroad

1. for preferred country

1.1. Now a days, countries are opening universities for foreigners. Choosing the right country to study is so important. Search for potential country to spend your time, money and every thing will worth it.

2. 4. search for School

3. 5. search for ways to enter

4. 6. search how to process docs

5. 1. prepare yourself

5.1. First, of course you need to prepare yourself. Do you really need to study abroad? Do you manage to be away with your love ones? And many questions to answer in order to have a final decision to make.

6. 2.prepare financially

6.1. Financially is very valuable when studying abroad, from the first step, you already need money. Specially when you go to the embassy, they need to be sure that you can able to live in other country without doing any illegal way of providing everyday needs.

7. 9. go to nearest embassy to pass the papers needed

8. 7. book for ticket

9. 8. look for accomodation

10. 10. go to your place abroad-travel time

11. Lorna Manuel-Philippines