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Screencasting by Mind Map: Screencasting

1. Clear visual instructions

2. Why?

2.1. Engage your audience

2.2. Create an online presence

3. Free web based tools

3.1. Screenr: Tutorial:

3.2. Screencastomatic: Great video tutorial:

4. Other tools

4.1. Jing:

4.2. Camtasia:

5. Tips

5.1. Plan and practice before you do

5.2. It does n't have to be a work of art

5.3. You may need to regularly update

6. Looking good on camera

6.1. How to look good on a webcam

6.2. Tips for web cam video

6.3. 7 ways to look good on your web cam

7. Easy solutions

7.1. PPT Save as MP4 (PC)

7.2. Adobe Voice app (ipad)

7.3. Record directly into Youtube: