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Okonkwo by Mind Map: Okonkwo
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Amalinze the Cat- Wrestling enemy.

Osugo- A man who contradicted Okonkwo in the kindred meeting.

Ezeani- The priest of the earth goddess who punished Okonkwo for breaking the peace.

Missionaries- Convert Nwoye’s religion.

Mr. Kiaga- Interpreter for missionary.

Family members


Ikemefuna- lived with Okonkwo for three years

Nwoye- Okonkwo's first son who is 12.

Ojiugo- Okonkwo’s third wife.

Ekwefi- Okonko’s second wife.

Nwoye’s mother- Okonkwo’s first wife, Nwoye’s mother, and a woman who has to take care of Ikemefuna.

Uchendu- Okonkwo’s mother’s younger brother.

Amikwu- Okonkwo’s cousin.

Other people

Ogbuefi Udo- Powerful orator chosen to speak.

Okafo- Plays a wrestling game

Ogbeufi Ndulue- the oldest man in Ire.

Umezulike- taps trees for Okonkwo.

Ukegbu- A man

Okagbue Uyanwa- Medicine man who is famous in the clan and gave advice to Okonkwo.


Okeke- makes bad tobaco for Okonkwo.

Idigo- makes good tobaco for Okonkwo, but is ill.

Ezeudu- Oldest man in the village who told Okonkwo to kill Ikemefuna.


Nwakibie- The man that allowed Okonkwo to earn his first seed yams.


Obierika- Okonkwo’s friend.

Mr. Brown- The white missionary.

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