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InVert Org Chart CEO by Mind Map: InVert Org Chart CEO

1. Production

1.1. CCO - Caitlin Mueller

1.1.1. VP of Creative Director of Creative Video Production

1.2. CIO

1.2.1. VP of Information Techonlogy Director of IT Web Development

1.3. COO - Hawk Mikado

1.3.1. VP of Operations Director of Operations Product

2. Admin

2.1. CLO

2.1.1. VP of Legal Affairs Director of Legal Affairs Legal

2.2. CKO

2.2.1. VP of Knowledge & Training Director of Training Training Location Franchise Model

2.3. CHrO

2.3.1. VP of HR Director of HR HR

2.3.2. VP of Vendor Relations Director of Vendor Relations Vendor Relations

2.4. CFO

2.4.1. VP of Finance Director of Finance Finance

3. Shareholders 10% Revenue

3.1. Board of Directors

4. Marketing

4.1. CSO - Carl Logrecco

4.1.1. VP of Sales Director of Sales Sales

4.2. CMO - Hawk Mikado

4.2.1. VP of Marketing Director of Marketing Marketing

5. Fulfillment

5.1. CAO

5.1.1. VP of Accounts Director of Accounts Member & Client Account Services Client Retention Client Follow Up