Erasmus project

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Erasmus project by Mind Map: Erasmus project

1. Period 1 - activities

1.1. Getting to know you better

1.1.1. Your profiles Using forum Using online platform/digital workspaces Using a blog Yearbook

1.1.2. Know your country better creating webquests Creating a tackk Creating Bobles

1.2. Meeting with all the partners - only teacher to start the project?

2. Period 2 - activities

2.1. Survey about breakfast habits

2.1.1. Questions to be decided with partners (during the first meeting?) No more than 1O questions? 100 persons surveyed - only at school? Using a google form?

2.1.2. Presenting results on the platform if we use one

2.1.3. compare results

2.1.4. Define the perfect sustainable breakfast

2.2. Promoting breakfast during a mobility or/and in each country

2.2.1. Visit a primary school Preparing a global and sustainable breakfast Tasting workshop for young children

2.3. School meals

2.3.1. What's on your tray? Analyze and compare - Videoconference (hangout? Skype?) Present the tray make comments on the taste Nutrients Describe how young people have their lunch at school Make a photomontage Who prepares the school meals? Investigation about some key products (meat, fish, vegetables..)

3. Period 3 - activities

3.1. The organic tray

3.1.1. Study what organic is National policies about organic food Visit of two types of farms/factories: intensive farming/organic farming Make a report or a film

4. Period 4 - activities

4.1. Invite a key note speaker (during a meeting?) - How to eat right

4.2. Make a glossary in each participant language about the project

4.3. Choose a word about the project and tell its (his)tory

4.3.1. Make a photomontage, storyboard or comic