Initial Planning Ideas for Psycho-Thriller Opening Sequence

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Initial Planning Ideas for Psycho-Thriller Opening Sequence by Mind Map: Initial Planning Ideas for Psycho-Thriller Opening Sequence

1. Lighting

1.1. Use darker lighting

1.1.1. emphasises the mysterious and obscure theme and genre

1.2. Choose darker filters when editing

1.2.1. Is appropriate for the theme and genre

1.2.2. editing lighting on the computer instead of filming in the dark leads to better quality of footage

2. Shot Types

2.1. Long shot for locations

2.1.1. a long shot of the character in a spacious field can be used to illustrate the theme of isolation

2.2. Close ups and extreme close ups

2.2.1. the story is about a family, so close ups on family house objects will be very important in the sequence

3. Costumes

3.1. Agnes (mother)

3.1.1. traditional wife and mother/ has underlying mental problems long traditional dress, with a strange feature or barefoot

3.2. Luke (boy)

3.2.1. abused as a child basic children's clothes, nothing fancy

3.2.2. grows up to be isolated with mental problems dark hoodie

3.3. Evie (girl)

3.3.1. loved by parents calm tones for clothing

3.4. Ben (husband)

3.4.1. traditional husband and father traditional suit

4. Locations

4.1. Family house

4.1.1. empty room for boy

4.1.2. children's room for girl

4.1.3. living room

4.2. Outdoor Locations

4.2.1. large empty field (Merrow Downs)

4.2.2. Backyard of house

5. Sounds

5.1. Diagetic

5.1.1. footspteps

5.1.2. banging on table

5.1.3. crying

5.1.4. piano

5.2. Non-diagetic

5.2.1. classical music

6. Props

6.1. toys

6.2. family photos

6.3. piano

6.4. swing

6.5. phone

6.6. missing girl poster

6.7. books