ICT Implemantation&E-leadership

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ICT Implemantation&E-leadership by Mind Map: ICT Implemantation&E-leadership

1. Third strategy action plan

1.1. A depository of curriculum-based modules

1.2. IT pedagogical skills

1.3. Development plans

1.4. Effective ICT facilities

1.5. Technical support

1.6. Parents' information literacy

2. Barriers in schools

2.1. Schools

2.1.1. Vision and leadership

2.1.2. Perceptions of faculty about ICT impact

2.1.3. Location of computers

2.1.4. Software or resources

2.1.5. Curriculum

2.1.6. Communication between parents and schools

2.1.7. Collaboration between schools in HK and elsewhere

2.1.8. Application of ICT in curriculum

2.1.9. Professional development

2.1.10. Perceptions pf students' home ownership of computers

2.1.11. Cost of software and hardware

2.2. Barriers to ICT integration in schools

2.2.1. First-order barriers

2.2.2. Second-order barriers

3. Educational Leadership

3.1. Central forces

3.1.1. Changing school demographics

3.1.2. Hybrid school governance

3.1.3. Holding schools accountable

3.1.4. Developing teacher professionalism

3.2. Recurring dilemas

3.2.1. Proposing and implementing

3.2.2. Cultivating the system and watching the environment

3.2.3. Participatory decision-making and individual authority

3.3. Where to next

3.3.1. Binaries

3.3.2. Hybirbidty Distributed leadership

3.3.3. Configurations Leadership practice

3.3.4. Hybrid educational leadership configuration Mapping Effectiveness Significance