ADTL Faculty of Education

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ADTL Faculty of Education by Mind Map: ADTL Faculty of Education

1. Course leadership

1.1. overall BEd Course Coordination

1.1.1. new Early Childhood Caboolture KG Primary Caboolture KG Secondary

1.1.2. old Early Childhood Caboolture KG Primary Caboolture KG Secondary

1.2. Field Experience Management

1.2.1. Processes ULAs Briefings Information resources Risk management Sup Teach Payments Field Experience Schedule Communication plan Stakeholder communication

1.2.2. Policies Field Experience Assessment proformas Rural and remote placement policies International placement policies Partnership agreements Internship agreements

1.2.3. Site coordinators and supervisors

1.3. Overall Graduate Entry ITE Coordination

2. Staff direct reports

2.1. Field Experience Office

2.1.1. Reception ULA/US allocation Field Experience Report management

2.1.2. Early Childhood placements

2.1.3. Primary and Middle Years Placements Indigenous minor placements SCIL placements ETDS placements InPlace Reference Group representation

2.1.4. Undergraduate Secondary Placements Equity committee representation

2.1.5. Graduate Entry Secondary Placements Rural and Remote International Queensalnd Consortium of Professional Educational Placements for Teacher Education Representation

2.2. Teaching and Learning Office

2.2.1. Learning Designer 1 eLearning Services

2.2.2. Learning Designer 2 Transform Project transform project team

2.2.3. Personal Assistant Orientation schedule Field Experience payments

2.2.4. Project staff ARC-D Learning Analytics QUT T&L Grants teams OLT application oversight and support

2.2.5. Learning and Teaching Developer Faculty moderation Accreditation submissions support CDAP support Teaching and Learning Professional Development support Showcases 1 on 1 advice

3. Staff indirect reports

3.1. Field Experience Coordinator

3.2. Course/Program Coordinators

3.2.1. BEd EC Pri Sec

3.2.2. Grad Dip (EY)

3.2.3. Grad Dip (Pri:P-7)

3.2.4. Grad Dip (SY)

3.2.5. MTeach (EC)

3.2.6. MTeach (Pri)

3.2.7. Grad Dip (MY)

3.3. MEd

3.3.1. Study Area Coordinators


4.1. Policies

4.2. Processes

5. Committees

5.1. University

5.1.1. ADTL forum

5.1.2. UT&L

5.1.3. Timetabling Reference Group (Chair)

5.1.4. LEWP

5.1.5. Timetabling Steering Committee

5.1.6. CSRG

5.2. Faculty

5.2.1. FT&L (Chair)

5.2.2. Appeals (Chair)

5.2.3. Misconduct (Chair)

5.2.4. Results Review (Chair)

5.2.5. Grievance (Chair)

5.2.6. FAB

5.2.7. FLT

5.2.8. Course Leadership Team (Chair)

5.3. External

5.3.1. NITEAC

5.3.2. NADLATE

5.3.3. ATEA Exec

5.3.4. QCT accreditation panel (Chair) USQ CHC GU USC

6. General Service

6.1. University

6.1.1. Promotions seminars

6.1.2. ECARD Mentoring

6.1.3. Recruitment interviews

6.1.4. MCAD Mentoring

6.1.5. Provisional registration assurance re QCT

6.1.6. GCAP mentoring

6.1.7. QCT provisional to full registration evaluator

6.2. External

6.2.1. Runcorn School Council

6.2.2. Consultancy Mt Maria BGG Northern Region