Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) by Mind Map: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

1. Treatment

1.1. Gene therapy

1.1.1. Con: because only a few percent of patients have a known gene defect, gene therapy is only sometimes effective

1.1.2. Pro: reduces production of toxic targets, reducing symptoms

1.1.3. Con: very expensive, for the associations that have to undergo clinical trials to get approval, and for the patients

1.1.4. Con: if something goes wrong with the gene delivery, the patient can have health problems

1.2. Physical therapy

1.2.1. Pro: helps patients maintain cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and range of motion as long as possible

1.3. Speech therapy

1.3.1. Pro: helps patients improve communication after the damage to their speech muscles

2. Medication

2.1. Rilutek

2.1.1. Pro: reduces the damage to motor neurons and prolongs life of ALS patients

2.1.2. Con: side effects include nausea, fever, aches, trouble breathing, stabbing chest pain

2.1.3. Con: doesn't affect ALS symptoms

2.2. Other Medications in Clinical Trial

2.2.1. Dexpramipexole Pro: improves functional capability and survival by increasing efficiency of mitochondria the power houses of cells in motor neurons.

2.2.2. NP001 Con: 27% of patients who received this drug had no progression of their disease during the six-month period they were taking the medication Pro: a more definitive Phase 3 trial will help give more accurate results.

2.3. Natural Medications

2.3.1. Coconut Oil Pro: inexpensive and free from side effects Pro: in some patients, has provided extra energy and slowed the progression of the disease Con: not scientifically proven, or valdiated as a sole treatment/cure

2.3.2. Magnesium Chloride Pro: helps nerve cell muscles receive and send messages Pro: helps with the following symptoms = muscle spasms, cramps, tics, jerks, backaches, low energy, inability to sleep, anxiety, nervousness, weakening bones, and heart-related difficulties. Con: most magnesium tablets or capsules are not fully absorbed by the body

3. Research

3.1. Embryonic stem cells

3.1.1. Pro: “only through exploration of all types of stem cell research will scientists find the most efficient and effective ways to treat disease” (ALS)

3.1.2. Con: conflicts with ethics and pro-life choices

3.2. Analyzing Genomes

3.2.1. Pro: pinpoint key targets and development more effective treatment

3.2.2. Con: not guaranteed to give a definitive or helpful outcome.

4. Raising awareness

4.1. Ice Bucket Challenge

4.1.1. Pro: helps people of all ages, backgrounds and communities become familiar with ALS.

4.1.2. Con: people often only gain a very shallow understanding of the disease.

4.1.3. Con: wastes thousands of gallons of water.