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Influenza by Mind Map: Influenza

1. Prevention

1.1. Wearing a mask

1.1.1. in the place where are a lot of people.

1.2. Washing your hands and garging

1.2.1. When you got home

2. Treatment

2.1. take the medicine

2.1.1. Anti- influenza virus drug

2.1.2. reduces the time which takes the disease.

2.2. keep the result

2.2.1. until symptoms subside

3. Diagnosis

3.1. a rapid diagnosis

3.1.1. to examine from 10 to 30 minutes

3.2. a serum antibody test

3.2.1. to check for bacterial virus infections by measuring the amount of antibody in the serum

3.3. a virus isolation test

3.3.1. isolate some virus

3.4. PCR test

3.4.1. to detect the gene of the virus in a chain reaction.

4. Some kinds of Influenza

4.1. A type influenza

4.1.1. the most. infect Because doesn’t have certain type.

4.1.2. Natural host people pig whale seal mink horse

4.1.3. to affect respiratory system high fever sore throat stuffy nose

4.2. B type influenza

4.2.1. a certain type It isn’t caught at all in vaccination soon.

4.2.2. Natural host human

4.2.3. to affect digestive system abdominal pain diarrhea prone

4.3. C type influenza

4.3.1. infect almost younger 4 years children and almost adults doesn’t.

4.3.2. Natural host human pig

4.3.3. to come out a lot nasal mucus.

5. Some kinds of infection

5.1. Droplet infection

5.1.1. to infect by some splashes

5.2. Contact infection

5.2.1. to infect by sucking splashes of grains floating in the air

5.3. Aerial infection

5.3.1. to infect by touching the virus with finger

6. Cause

6.1. the Influenza virus