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Ideologies by Mind Map: Ideologies

1. No process for delivering goods

2. Conservatism

2.1. Tradition

2.1.1. sense of identity

2.1.2. Attitude of mind

2.1.3. Keep values

2.1.4. Slows down development House of Lords Peers have power on strategy and policy

2.1.5. Slows the acceptance of other beliefs and values

2.2. Supports patriotism

2.2.1. discipline, law and order

2.2.2. Can lead to extremist beliefs

2.3. Organic society

2.3.1. develops rather than constructed

2.3.2. slow development

2.3.3. Slow development

3. Fascism

3.1. charismatic leader

3.1.1. Unitarian leadership Drives technology Doesn't ensure a strong economy

3.2. Fascism isn't racist, it was those involved

3.2.1. Every racist leader was a fascist

3.3. Anti-freedom

3.3.1. No freedom of speech Can be jailed

4. Liberalism

4.1. Individualism

4.1.1. A right to pursue their own goals as long as it does not impinge

4.2. Freedom

4.2.1. Speech

4.2.2. Action

4.3. Respect views of all

4.3.1. Minorities KKK You can't give them a voice LGBT

4.3.2. Horrible people can then be heard

4.4. Political correctness gone mad

4.5. Economically weak

5. Socialism

5.1. Social ownership and cooperative mangement

5.1.1. Equity and properties

5.1.2. Power to the people (empowerment)

5.1.3. Against zero hour contracts

5.1.4. Eliminates individualism Everyone works for the state so no drive Doesn't matter if you do a good or bad job Inefficiency as people dont work hard Artificial system as central organisation has no real supply and demand

5.2. Socialism is not seen in labour manifesto for many years