drama vs. screenplay

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drama vs. screenplay by Mind Map: drama vs. screenplay

1. actions

2. play

3. time and location

4. filmscript: words can be changed

5. drama: stick to the exact text

6. filmscript: telling the actors what to do

7. drama: climax is in the middle of the play

7.1. d

8. drama: scenes are longer

9. filmscript: actions of characters given in great detail

10. stage directions

10.1. position of the actors

10.2. lights

10.2.1. colours

10.3. tone of the voices

10.4. music like singing or instruments

11. drama: divided into acts and scenes

12. filmscript: technical directions

12.1. camera

12.1.1. camera angle

12.1.2. field size close up full shot medium shot

12.2. storyboard

13. plot is depicted in dialogues

13.1. monologues

14. props

14.1. stage props

14.2. costume

14.3. make-up

14.4. hand props

15. both are used to create film or a theatre play

16. drama: division between comedy and tragedy