Why Are Elephants Unique?

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Why Are Elephants Unique? by Mind Map: Why Are Elephants Unique?

1. Science

1.1. How are elephants' trunks useful?

1.2. Discussion on the many uses

1.3. Show video clips of the many different uses

1.4. Evaluation of discussion

1.5. Science Standard 2 Benchmark 2

2. Language Arts

2.1. What do you know about elephants?

2.2. Use internet for research

2.3. Research elephant facts online and write a paragraph

2.4. Graded on structure, organization & grammar

2.5. Language Arts Standard 1 Benchmark 2 2nd Grade

3. Arts Education/Theater

3.1. What different environments do elephants live in?

3.2. Create a dance that expresses the given environment.

3.3. Record students' performances and create a collection on 1 dvd to send home.

3.4. Graded according to rubric

3.5. Dance Standard 2 Benchmark 1 2nd Grade

4. Geography

4.1. What is the difference between Asian and African elephants?

4.2. Learn facts and compare African and Asian elephants and their environments.

4.3. Use GoogleMaps to explore Asia and Africa

4.4. Evaluated on group participation

4.5. Geography Standard 1 Benchmark 1 2nd Grade

5. Physical Education

5.1. How big is an elephant?

5.2. Pyramid to reach elephant's height and width

5.3. Pictures of pyramid progress and final pyramid

5.4. Participation eval.

5.5. PE Standard 5 Benchmark 2 2nd Grade