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My Personal Learning Network by Mind Map: My Personal Learning Network

1. • Become Fully Licensed

1.1. Finish Teach Now Program

1.2. Study for Praxis II Exams

1.3. Scheduled test dates for Praxis II exams

1.4. Study Praxis I Writing

1.5. Scheduled test date for Praxis I exam (Writing)

2. • Write Effective Lesson Plans

2.1. Take classes on lesson plan writing

2.2. Use current resources on lesson plans

2.3. Have lesson plans reviewed before used (If time permits)

2.4. Ask for help from other teachers (ask to see theirs)

3. • Effective Classroom Management

3.1. Research effective classroom management systems already being used

3.2. Try different classroom management ideas in class (change monthly if they don’t work)

3.3. Incorporate technology in my classroom management

3.4. Create effective classroom visuals for classroom management

4. • Get My Parents More Technology Savvy

4.1. Overview what is being used

4.2. Offer a session to teach them how to use

4.3. Inquire about access to technology

4.4. Find out options that are available to parents when it comes to technology useage