Lesson 9 (Daily Life in Ancient Rome) Mind Map

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Lesson 9 (Daily Life in Ancient Rome) Mind Map by Mind Map: Lesson 9 (Daily Life in Ancient Rome) Mind Map

1. Sec. 7: Housing

1.1. Many Romans lived in houses but, they varied from the rich and poor. The rich had marble tiles and mosaics covered everything. The rich also had a lot of space in their houses while the poor had very little space and no beauty to their home. Also the poor houses were crowded.

2. Sec. 2: Daily Life in Ancient Rome

2.1. Rome was a rich city but, the had slaves to help them build and do jobs to help the rich. Most of the population was poor so, there were many streets with crime and disease.

3. Sec. 3: Law and order

3.1. All of the Romans believed in law and followed them. You could tell the difference between a wealthy human and a poor human. The rich wore special robes and rings to show rank. The laws were strict and you could get in major trouble if disobeyed.

4. Sec. 4: Religon

4.1. Religion was important to the Romans because they adopted and did things to please them like sacrifices and games. They believed the gods impacted or controlled the events that would take place in daily life. So, they tried to keep them happy all of the time.

5. Sec. 5: Family Life

5.1. In poor households both the women]an and the man worked to provide the house with goods. The rich had slaves working with the women around the house while the man worked each day. The babies were usually born at home and when they were, they were placed a good luck charm around their neck.

6. Sec. 6: Food and Drink

6.1. What they ate depended on if they were rich or poor. Only rich could afford a kitchen and they were the only ones with a kitchen. Rome had bread, meats, vegetables, beans and spices. Roman markets provided all of these goods and gave many options to people who could afford them.

7. Sec. 8: Education

7.1. The Romans went to school and learned about math, literature, science, Latin, Greek, music and public speaking. The Romans didn't teach war (like the Spartans) but, the dads could teach them all the extras they needed. A typical school day started early in the mornings and they sat on small stools and wrote on clay pads. Once they wrote in the clay, It dried and they could not gt it back, it was permanent.

8. Sec. 9: Recreation

8.1. The wealthy were leisure because the slaves did all of the work. The rich enjoyed parties and music and dancing. Both the rich and poor could go to public baths. At the bath houses, you could swim, bath, get a massage or exercise. Another hit was watching gladiators fight. They were picked by random and a way to entertain daily people. The rich had better cushioned seats while the poor sat on wooden benches and the crowds of people watching was about 200,000 for the events.

9. Sec. 10: Country life

9.1. The country was both rich and poor. The rich owned large estates with tons of land and sat in the sun with nothing to worry about. The rich invested in crops to grow and only checked to see how their crops were doing. The empires crops provided most of the food for the city. Slaves did most of the farming but, they supervised how they were doing and if they were doing it right.