Daily Life in the Roman Empire

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Daily Life in the Roman Empire by Mind Map: Daily Life in the Roman Empire

1. Section 8. Education

1.1. SUMMARY: Poor children in Rome would work instead of going to school. They earned trades to earn money for their families. Boys and girls in wealthy families would be tutored by the fathers of slaves until they were six, and then the boys went off to school. Roman boys learned Latin, Greek, math, science, literature, music, and public speaking. They mostly became soldiers, doctors, politicians, or lawyers. Girls would mostly become dentists, real estate agents, or tutors.

2. Section 2. Daily Life In Ancient Rome

2.1. SUMMARY: 1 million people live in the empire's capital city, but most of them lived in tiny apartments. There was a public gathering place where people can go and get goods. People and goods were everywhere by the empire. Roman empire's would give food and provide entertainment so the poor wouldn't turn away from them and start a mob.

3. Section 3. Law and Order

3.1. SUMMARY: In the Roman Empire, the biggest source of law was the emperor, but the senate still would meet with other senates. Senates had high status in Roman society. Roman laws were really strict, but that's because there were a lot of crimes committed. A jury oof citizens would decide on the case. Any Roman person, including a poor person, could accuse another person of a crime.

4. Section 4. Religion

4.1. SUMMARY: Religion was very important to the Romans. In Roman temples and shrines, people made promises and offerings because they thought gods controlled their life. Their were a lot of festivals and holidays to honor the gods. Overtime though, people started to worship their emperors as gods.

5. Section 5. Family Life

5.1. SUMMARY: Roman family life was often ruled by the oldest man in the house, but sometimes a wealthy woman ran the household. The men were expected to take care of the family by food. If the men didn't approve of their newborn child, he would leave it outside to die or become a slave. When a boy was between 14 and 18, he would celebrate becoming a man, but girls wouldn't celebrate, they would just become a woman when they got married.

6. Section 6. Food And Drink

6.1. SUMMARY: What Romans would cook and ate was based on whether they were rich or poor. Rich Romans only had kitchens in their homes. The poor people would cook on small grills and depended on “fast-food” places mostly. Main foods in Rome were bread, beans, spices, a few vegetables, cheeses, and meats. Favorite drinks in Rome were plain water and hot water with herbs and honey.

7. Section 7. Housing

7.1. SUMMARY: Wealthy women in Rome, lived in huge houses made of marble and stone. Behind the front hall were many rooms for the family and guests. The fanciest room in the house was the dining room. Most of the poor would cram into noisy and dirty tall apartment buildings.

8. Section 9. Recreation

8.1. SUMMARY: The rich people in Rome enjoyed plays in theaters and musical performances in other people's home. Both rich and poor Roman people would relax in public baths. Emperors in Rome made sure to give the poor food and entertainment so they wouldn't turn on them. Romans would watch gladiators fight in arenas. People's favorite place to go was the Circus Maximus.

9. Section 10. Country Life

9.1. SUMMARY: Rich Romans often would own country estates with large homes. The farm that the emperor had provide most of the food for Rome and other cities. Slaves did mostly all of the hard work in farming. Some people in the countryside weren't slaves, but their lives were hard.