Daily life in Ancient Rome

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Daily life in Ancient Rome by Mind Map: Daily life in Ancient Rome

1. Section 1: Introduction

1.1. All roads lead to Rome, boasted the Romans. For thousands of miles, road markers showed the distance to Rome.

1.2. Rome had 50 million people.

1.3. the Forum was the center of Rome,in fact the word Forum means gathering place in Rome.It was also many different things that held things from Government gatherings from entertainment in the theater.

2. Section 2: Daily life in ancient rome

2.1. In Rome's capital nearly one million people live in the capital.But in the capital the Romans lived in small apartments with dirty streets.

2.2. Proud senators walk around with there bodyguards while merchants and craft-people are labored away.

2.3. Wealthy Romans spent great sums of money on silks, perfumes, jeweled weapons, and musical instruments. They decorated their homes with statues, fountains, and fine pottery.

3. Section 3: Law and order

3.1. The Senate and the Emperor basically ruled Rome and everybody respected law and most people followed it.

3.2. The Roman police walked around and patrolled the city

3.3. Crime was common in Rome,with the rich and poor.The poor got treated way more harshly than the rich did once they got caught.

4. Section 4: Religion

4.1. The Romans believed in the gods and goddess just like the Greeks did.The Romans did one thing differently though they named the gods differently than the Greeks.

4.2. The Romans treated the gods with respect because they believed the gods controlled their everyday lives.

4.3. They built temples for the gods and made sacrifices too,that includes animals and foods.When they needed to cure someone they went to a temple and asked the gods to heal them for them.They would put a reminder of what to heal like a clay hand.

4.4. As time went on the Romans treated emperors as gods.They would do anything for their emperor as long as it doesn't disobey him/her.

5. Section 5: Family life

5.1. The children of a roman father would have to obey the father even after the are grown.

5.2. Roman babies were usually born at home. The Romans kept only strong, healthy babies. If the father didn't approve of a newborn, it was left outside to die or to be claimed as a slave.

5.3. 4 and 18, a Roman boy celebrated becoming a man. In a special ceremony, he offered his bulla, along with his childhood toys and clothes, to the gods.

6. Section 6: Food and drink

6.1. Only the rich had kitchens in their homes. The poor cooked on small grills and depended on fast food places called Thermopylae

6.2. Roman markets were worse than what we have today they had items like fruits, live rabbits, chickens, geese, baskets of snails, and cuts of meat and we have more items at our local grocery store.

7. Section 7: Housing

7.1. The rich and the poor have a lot of differences like the rich had big houses with a lot of space and the poor had little apartment building that they had to share.

7.2. The rich peoples houses were grand compared to the poor.The rich got marble houses while the poor got brick housing,and that is just one example.

7.3. The poor peoples houses are filthy and has diseases while the rich have clean non disease filled air.

8. Section 8: Education

8.1. depending on what social class they are in it also depends on the school you go to or how you learn what you do.

8.2. The Romans had used stylist just like we do today but they used the differently than others.

8.3. Roman boys learned Latin, Greek, math, science, literature, music, and public speaking. They typically became soldiers, doctors, politicians, or lawyers and they had many options.

8.4. Girls might become dentists, real estate agents, or tutors. Some female slaves or freed-women could become midwives.

9. Section 9: Recreation

9.1. Both of the rich and the poor bathed in the same place and is often where they relaxed.The rich also often went to the theater to listen to music and the Colosseum to watch slaves fight.

9.2. The emperor made sure that the poor got enough bread to eat.

9.3. A favorite gathering place was the Circus Maximums, a huge racetrack with room for 200,000 spectators.

10. Section 10:Country life

10.1. The rich had their own personal land for crops and livestock.

10.2. The farms provide a lot of food for Rome and produced almost anything they could