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Freshwater by Mind Map: Freshwater

1. Benifits

1.1. Dissolved Salts

1.2. Total Dissolved Solids

1.3. Many organisms breed in fresh water

1.4. Consumors can often get their food from fresh water. (Fishing and hunting for example)

2. Timeline

2.1. Water cycle: Water becomes fresh water through evaporation. Then it condenses and falls back to the surface.

2.2. Once condensed and fallen to the surface it could runoff into any body of water. It could be absorbed by plants. or get filtered through the soil and be stored in aquifers. They can also be stored in glaciers, and they could stay there for a very long time.

2.3. Any of these processes could take different amounts of time. It could take from short amounts to very long time; up to 10,000s of years.

3. Challegnges

3.1. In some cases freshwater can be overused for agriculture and other reasons and they won't have enough for agriculture in other areas.

3.2. Fresh water can be owned by somebody owning like a private pond or lake. Which you will most often own if the lake or pond in your piece of private land.

3.3. Rainwater harvesting

4. Location

4.1. Only 2.5% of Earth's water is fresh water

4.2. 70% of fresh water is frozen glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland

4.3. Only 1% of fresh water is accessible

4.4. The rest of the fresh water is ground water.

5. Long term outlook

5.1. If large cities over use freshwater, fresh water will have to transported from other places.

5.2. If we start running low on freshwater, we might need to make more places, like filtering factories, to filter non-freshwater into freshwater.