Comprehension Skills 1E2

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Comprehension Skills 1E2 by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills 1E2

1. Making connections

2. Summarizing

2.1. finding out what's really important in the text

2.2. Should be short

2.2.1. A good,short summary will help you remember the story better!

2.3. Write in your own words

2.4. Should have good vocabulary

3. Synthesizing

4. Visualizing

4.1. Creating a mind movie while reading

4.2. Use your five senses to find what is happening

4.3. Helps you understand and remember what you read

4.4. Fun too!

5. Questioning

5.1. Ask questions to understand text

5.1.1. Helps find information

5.1.2. Helps focus attention on important details in text

5.1.3. Ask questions berfore,during and after reading text E.g. "Why?" "What if?" and " I wonder?"

6. Evaluating

7. Inferring

8. Proir Knowledge