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22 APRIL 2010
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Live at Sky News Online


The Rules

Last Weeks Debate

MindManager Map and Outline

ITV Player

Opening Remarks

Gordon Brown

Its about the UK's future

Economic recovery

Bringing the troops back


I can supply the right conditions

David Cameron

Help families

Less waste and bureaucracy

Accept personal resonsibility

Nick Clegg

The UK currently have a poor record

Closing Remarks

Gordon Brown

The buck stops here

Daily discussions about Afghanistan

Economy - Don't do anything that risks the recovery

Conservatives will risk the recovery

Lib Dems will risk our security

David Cameron

Fresh new leadership

Note the differences between the parties

Break away from 13 years of failure

Nick Clegg

We can shape the world around us

The Lib Dems will act differently

People are beginning to believe that a change is possible

You don't need to repeat the mistakes of the past

What is the advantage of being in Europe?

David Cameron

We should be in there

We should take some powers back

We should not join the Euro

Remove some of the bureaucracy

Our powers have been given away without consultation

Referendums on future power transfer

It's a con to vote in or out

Nick Clegg

It's imperfect

We need it, International Crime, Climate Change, Banking systems

Referendum yes, But bigger issue, In or Out

You need to be in to be represented against other major trading entities

Cameron has aligned himself with some extreme groups in Europe

Gordon Brown

3 million jobs depend on it

750,000 businesses trade with Europe

I have persuade them to deal with the banks

Too much debate not enough action

Trade with Europe is paramount

David is anti Europe

Nick is anti US

What new measures will you introduce to make immigration fairer

Nick Clegg

Border police force

Direct them to areas in need

Remove the invisible immigrants from the crime mobs

We created the problem with our chaotic immigration system

We cannot deny the situation the previous governments have created

Gordon Brown

An amnesty of illegal immigrants will not happen

We have restrictions on Non EU immigration and specific trades

ID cards for those coming in

Count people in and out

Points system

We have reduced net immigration

David Cameron

We need to be warm to those who are here

We have allowed too many people in

We need to restrict it

Labour have failed to control immigration

Amnesty has be shown to not work in Europe

We will discuss annually with everyone the cap required

Pope is visiting and it will cost us millions. Will you distance yourself from Catholic views on homosexuality, contraception and their legacy of ill treatment

David Cameron

Yes the Pope should come

Faith organisations do remarkable work here

But I don't agree with everything they do

We need to advance in Science and elsewhere

We should be open and discuss with them and others

Nick Clegg

Many Catholics are disturbed by what has gone on and the current doctrines

But the Pope should visit

I don't agree with everything they stand for

Gordon Brown

Openess is required

Pope visit yes, Catholics are an important part of our society

I do disagree with them, Homosexuality, Contraception, Scientific development

Would the UK participate in future multi-national operations against terrorism?

Gordon Brown

We already are and we will continue to do this, Somalia

The mission in Afghanistan will work

Yes there will a review

No will be allowed to create bases to breach our security

Enemy tactics have changed. We have changed. They keep on changing

Iran and North Korea are real threats

Nick Clegg

Yes if it is like Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan

Let's make sure they are properly equipped with the right strategy

Need a full defence review

Stop, Euro Fighter, Trident, The military do not believe we need a replacement now

We have not been supplying our people properly in Afganistan

David Cameron

We need think carefully and coherently about it

Have we got a political strategy in each case

Big issue making sure all factions are involved in rebuilding countries like Afghanistan

We need Trident and its replacement

We cannot put it off

Will you put aside political differences to deal with the big issues by working in a coalition

David Cameron

Yes we do cooperate on some issues

But we believe certain things need to happen now

Yes we would work with a coalition if required

But we do disagree on some fundamental issues, Job tax

We do need to have a multi party war cabinet

You can see we have our differences

Nick Clegg

Yes form cooperative groups on finance issues for examples

I don't think it would matter

We will talk if it happens

We will fight for our proposals within a coalition

We need radical steps to reform the banking system

Split the investment banks from the high street ones

Gordon Brown

We already many cooperative groups with business and financial institutions

Let the public decide

I am always asking people to work with us

Conservatives want to take money out of the economy

What have you done personally to use sustainable forms of transport

Gordon Brown

I have been on the beach

Solar panel yes

Wind Turbine no

Stop consuming oil

Nuclear power will balance against the loss of oil

We have a renewables plan

We will continue with our current plans

We have worked with many countries

Nick Clegg

I don't do enough

Tax on aviation is needs reform

Nuclear Power, Very expensive, Long Time to build

Much cheaper, Mass insulation of private and public property

Act globally, Lead in Europe

American relationship should not be a one way street

David Cameron

Installed proper insulation in my house

Against 3rd run away at Heathrow

High Speed Trains would be better

Green Deal £6,500 to spend on your home

Power cuts predicted in 2017, Nuclear power will not be ready

Action is required at the European level

Is a state pension of £59 a week a just reward?

Gordon Brown

We will link pensions to earnings

Pension credit

Free TV Licenses

Women will be given similar pensions to me

We will enable to stay longer at home before going to a residential home

We will suspend payments for residential care after two years

David Cameron

We will deliver pension based on earnings

We will need men to work a year longer to pay for this

Residential care will be dealt with

We will keep, Bus passes, TV Licenses, Winter Heating License

We want to stop people have to use their savings and property to pay for residential care

Nick Clegg

People are taking extreme actions

We will be dealing with this

2.5 million pensioners in poverty (Well done Labour)

Extend winter fuel payments to other groups, Disabled, Terminally Ill

The growing elderly population is a big problem which needs joint long term action

We will give carers a break

How do you plan to restore faith in the political system?

Nick Clegg

Give people the power to sack those who fail

We still have to act on the issues that need resolving

Partial result of this and these debates is young people are going to vote in larger numbers

Jobs for life, 20-30% votes in safe seats

There are still people who have not been held to account for their finances

Gordon Brown

Voting makes a difference

Right of recall

Referendum on House of Lords and Commons

Don't risk the vote on the other parties

We have clear rules now which allow us to kick out those that transgress them

What makes a difference, Schools, Health, Policing

The Conservatives will still be benefitting the richest people in the country

It should be a full time job, Local surgeries, Attending votes

David Cameron

People want the certainty and transparency on expense

Cut the cost of politics

Open primaries: involve more people in this

Personal responsibilties, Bring up children, Cooperate with the police

Don't punish people for doing this