Moodle Basics

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Moodle Basics by Mind Map: Moodle Basics

1. Moodle Log In

1.1. password: initial and lastname (eg/ pjansen)

1.1.1. New node

1.2. type in password

1.3. go to "Staff Corner" category

1.3.1. Moodle Mania: Learn to Moodle

1.3.2. Moodle Sandbox: Try Out Moodle

1.3.3. Assess&Differentiation: Learn about Web2.0 Tools for Learning

2. Edit Moodle Profile

2.1. Click on your username in top right corner of Moodle screen

2.2. Profile screen appears/ "edit profile" tab

2.2.1. upload a photo of yourself

2.2.2. change your password

2.3. click on "advanced" button (bottom right)

2.3.1. change forum tracking & subscriptions

2.3.2. change email display (optional)

3. Moodle Course Settings

3.1. Go to Admin Block (left)

3.1.1. Choose "Settings" Format: weekly or thematic? Group Mode Separate Groups? Can create separate enrollment keys Availability make up an enrollment key (one time) & share with students

3.1.2. Choose "Groups" Separate Groups? (class sections)

3.1.3. Choose "Files" Make a Folder (eg. docs, pics Upload a File documents pictures Later, can add a directory for bulk files under "resources" on main page

4. Moodle Course Content

4.1. Top right corner: Turn Editing "On" (toggle) to start editing.

4.1.1. Add Labels (Headings) to each section Labels can also be used to add pics/videos

4.1.2. Add Resources (things to view/read) Eg/ file directory keep all downloadables together in a folder Eg/ link to website or file Eg/ create a web page (embed video etc)

4.1.3. Add Activities (things to do) Add chats (quick) w set dates & times Add forums w set dates simple discussion, open dates, no "blocks" for # of posts Add quizzes Add assignments (students can upload) Add wikis, journals, or blogs

5. Add Web2.0 Tools

5.1. Embed youtube videos (html) as a "label" or in a webpage (resource)

5.2. Embed your powerpoints from slideshare

5.3. Add a blogroll as a block

5.4. Add a mindmap or whiteboard

5.5. Add a talking voki introduction

5.6. Add a voicethread, wallwisher (interactive)

5.7. Add a polldaddy poll

5.8. Add a Twitter feed

6. Tracking Students

6.1. Click "Participants"

6.1.1. View all forum posts

6.1.2. View all activity reports (last access, etc.)

6.2. Click "Gradebook" in Admin Block

6.2.1. Grade assignments/give feedback

6.3. Message students individually

6.4. Click "Activities" & view student activity by activity type