Two ELL Programs

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Two ELL Programs by Mind Map: Two ELL Programs

1. English Language Syllabus (Singapore)

1.1. Syllabus Aims

1.1.1. Teaching Processes (ACOLADE) Raising Awareness Structuring Consolidation Facilitating Assessment for Learning Enabling Application Guiding Discovery Instructing Explicitly

1.1.2. Principles of EL Teaching and Learning (CLLIPS) Contextualization Learner Centeredness Learning Focused Interactions Integration Process Orientation Spiral Progression

1.1.3. Skills Assessed Knowledge About Language Grammar Vocabulary Examples of Teaching Strategies Receptive Skills Positive Disposition Toward Active Listening Listening and Viewing Strategies Extensive Listening and Viewing Examples of Teaching Strategies Productive Skills Reading and Viewing Speaking and Representing Writing and Representing

2. EAL Program, Shanghai American School Pudong Campus

2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. Ability to apply

2.1.2. Develop real-life skills

2.1.3. Align with rest of curriculum

2.1.4. Nurture identity

2.2. WIDA

2.2.1. The "Can Do" Descriptors 5 English Proficiency Levels Entering Beginning Developing Expanding Bridging 4 Language Domains Listening Speaking Reading Writing

2.2.2. Descriptors and their implications on instruction - using Speaking as an example Entering Name objects, people, pictures Answer WH questions Beginning Ask WH questions Describe pictures, events, objects, people Retell facts Developing Formulate hypotheses, make predictions Describe processes, procedures Retell stories or events Expanding Discuss stories, issues, concepts Give speeches, oral reports Offer creative solutions to issues, problems Bridging Engage in debates Explain phenomena, give examples and justify responses Express and defend points of view

2.3. Reference