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Academia by Mind Map: Academia
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* African history

* American history

* Ancient history

* Argentine history

* Iranian History

* Indian History

* Chinese history

* Diplomatic history

* Ethnohistory

* European history

* History of science and technology

* Military history

* Modern history

* Intellectual history

* Cultural history

* Economic history

* World history

Languages and linguistics

* Applied Linguistics

* Computational linguistics / Natural language processing

* Discourse analysis

* Etymology

* Historical linguistics

* History of linguistics


* Interlinguistics

* Morphology

Untitled, Untitled


* Philology

* Phonetics

* Phonology

* Pragmatics

* Semantics

* Semiotics

* Sociolinguistics

* Syntax

Untitled, Untitled


* Composition studies

* Rhetoric


* Languages

o Classics

o Standard English

o Business English

o World Englishes

o Modern language


* English literature, o American literature, + African American literature, + Jewish American literature, + Southern literature, o Argentine literature, o Australian literature, o British literature, + English literature, + Scottish literature, + Welsh literature, o Canadian literature, o Indian literature, o Irish literature, o New Zealand literature, o Nigerian literature, o Medieval literature, o Post-colonial literature, o Post-modern literature

* World literatures, o Arabic literature, o Bulgarian literature, o Classics, o Comparative literature, o Chinese literature, o French literature, o Gaelic literature, o German literature and Austrian literature, o Hindi literature, o Hebrew literature, o Japanese literature, o Italian literature, o Latin American literature, o Persian literature, o Portuguese and Brazilian literature, o Russian literature, o Serbian literature, o Spanish literature, o Yiddish literature, o Tamil literature, o Welsh Literature

* Literary theory, o Critical theory, o Literary criticism, o Poetics, o Rhetoric

* Creative writing, o Creative nonfiction, o Fiction writing, o Non-fiction writing, o Literary journalism, o Poetry composition, o Screenwriting, o Playwrighting

Performing Arts

* Arts administration

* Music, o Accompanying, o Chamber music, o Church music, o Musical composition, o Conducting, + Choral conducting, + Orchestral conducting, + Wind ensemble conducting, o Early music, o Jazz studies, o Music education, o Music history, o Music theory, o Musicology, + Ethnomusicology, o Performance and literature, + Organ and historical keyboards, + Piano, + Strings, harp, and guitar, + Voice (Singing), + Woodwinds, brass, and percussion, o Recording, o Orchestral studies

* Dance, o Choreography, o Dance notation, o Ethnochoreology, o History of dance

* Theatre, o History, o Acting, o Directing, o Design, o Dramaturgy, o Playwrighting, o Scenography, o Musical theatre

* Film, o Animation, o Film, o Film criticism, o Film theory


* Meta-philosophy

* Metaphysics, o Ontology, o Teleology, o Philosophy of mind, + Philosophy of artificial intelligence, + Philosophy of perception, o Philosophy of space and time, o Philosophy of Action

* Epistemology

* Ethics, o Normative ethics, o Meta-ethics, o Theory of value, o Moral psychology, o Applied Ethics, + Animal rights, + Bioethics, + Environmental ethics

* Aesthetics/Philosophy of Art

* Social philosophy and political philosophy, o Feminist philosophy, o Anarchism, o Marxism

* Philosophical traditions and schools, o African philosophy, o Aristotelianism, o Analytic philosophy, o Continental philosophy, o Eastern philosophy, o Feminist philosophy

* History of philosophy, o Ancient philosophy, o Medieval philosophy, o Modern philosophy, o Contemporary philosophy

* Logic, o Philosophical logic, o Mathematical logic

* Applied philosophy, o Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, o Philosophy of education, o Philosophy of history, o Philosophy of religion, o Philosophy of language, o Philosophy of law, o Philosophy of mathematics, o Philosophy of music, o Philosophy of science, + Philosophy of social science, + Philosophy of Physics, + Philosophy of Biology, + Philosophy of Chemistry, + Philosophy of economics, + Philosophy of Psychology, o Philosophy of engineering, o Systems philosophy


* Abrahamic religions, o Christianity, + Christian Theology, # Bibliology, # Hermeneutics, # Theology Proper, * Christology, * Pneumatology, # Theological anthropology, # Soteriology, # Nomology, # Ecclesiology, # Eschatology, o Islam / Islamic studies, o Judaism / Jewish studies

* Indian religions, o Buddhism, o Hinduism, o Jainism, o Sikhism

* Taoic religions, o Chinese folk religion, o Confucianism, o Shinto, o Taoism

* Other religions, o African religions, o Ancient Egyptian religion, o Native American religions, o Gnosticism, o Esotericism, o New religious movements, o Sumerian religion, o Zoroastrianism

* Atheism and Humanism

* Comparative religion

* Mythology and Folklore

Visual Arts

* Art history

* Calligraphy

* Connoisseurship

* Creative arts

* Drawing

* Fine arts

* Painting

* Photography

* Mixed Media

* Printmaking

* Studio art

* Sculpture

* Art conservation

Social Sciences


* Biological anthropology, o Forensic anthropology, o Gene-culture coevolution, o Human behavioral ecology, o Human evolution, o Medical anthropology, o Paleoanthropology, o Population genetics, o Primatology

* Anthropological linguistics, o Ethnolinguistics, o Synchronic linguistics (or Descriptive linguistics), o Diachronic linguistics (or Historical linguistics), o Sociolinguistics

* Cultural anthropology, o Anthropology of religion, o Economic anthropology, o Ethnography

o Ethnohistory, o Ethnology, o Ethnomusicology, o Folklore, o Mythology, o Political anthropology, o Psychological anthropology


* Classical archaeology

* Egyptology

* Experimental archaeology

* Maritime archaeology

* Near Eastern archaeology

* Paleoanthropology

* Prehistoric archaeology

Area Studies

* American studies

* Appalachian studies

* African studies

* Asian studies

* Celtic studies

* European studies

* German studies

* Indology (Indian studies)

* Iranian studies

* Japanology (Japanese studies)

* Latin American studies

* Sinology (Chinese studies)

* Scandinavian studies

* Slavic studies

Cultural Studies

* Asian studies

* Asian American studies

* Black studies or African American studies

* Chicano studies

* Childhood studies

* Latino studies

* Native American studies

* Persian studies


* Agricultural economics

* Behavioural economics

* Bioeconomics

* Computational economics

* Consumer economics

* Development economics

* Ecological economics

* Econometrics

* Economic geography

* Economic history

* Economic sociology

* Economic systems

* Energy economics

* Entrepreneurial economics

* Environmental economics

* Evolutionary economics

* Experimental economics

* Feminist economics

* Financial economics

* Game theory

* Green economics

* Growth economics

* Human development theory

* Industrial organization

* Information economics

* Institutional economics

* International economics

* Islamic economics

* Labor economics

* Law and economics

* Macroeconomics

* Managerial economics

* Mathematical economics

* Microeconomics

* Monetary economics

* Neuroeconomics

* Political economy

* Public finance

* Public economics

* Real estate economics

* Resource economics

* Socialist economics

* Socioeconomics

* Transport economics

* Welfare economics

Gender and Sexuality Studies

* Feminine psychology

* Gender studies/Gender theory

* Heterosexism

* Human sexual behavior

* Human sexuality

* Masculine psychology

* Men's studies

* Queer studies/Queer theory

* Sex education

* Sexology

* Women's studies


* Cartography

* Human geography, * Cultural geography, * Feminist geography, * Economic geography, * Development geography, * Historical geography, * Time geography, * Political geography & geopolitics, * Military geography, * Strategic geography, * Population geography, * Social geography, * Behavioral geography, * Children's geographies, * Health geography, * Tourism geography, * Urban geography

* Environmental geography

* Physical geography, * Biogeography, * Climatology, * Palaeoclimatology, * Coastal geography, * Geomorphology, * Geodesy, * Hydrology/Hydrography, * Glaciology, * Limnology, * Oceanography, * Landscape ecology, * Palaeogeography

* Regional geography

Political Science

* American politics

* Canadian politics

* Civics

* Comparative politics

* Geopolitics (Political geography)

* International relations

* International organizations

* Peace and conflict studies (Science of Peace (Irenology))

* Policy studies

* Political behavior

* Political culture

* Political economy

* Political history

* Political philosophy

* Psephology

* Public administration, o Nonprofit administration, o Non-governmental organization (NGO) administration

* Public policy


* Abnormal psychology

* Applied psychology

* Behavioural science

* Biological psychology

* Clinical psychology, o Psychological assessment, o Psychotherapy, + Brief psychotherapy, + Cognitive behavioral therapy, + Family therapy, + Gestalt therapy, + Group therapy, + Play therapy, + Psychodrama

* Cognitive psychology

* Cognitive science

* Community psychology

* Differential psychology

* Developmental psychology

* Educational psychology

* Emotion

* Evolutionary psychology, o Evolutionary developmental psychology, o Evolutionary educational psychology

* Experimental psychology

* Forensic psychology

* Health psychology

* Intrapersonal communications

* Legal psychology (Psychology & Law)

* Medical psychology

* Neuropsychology

* Organizational psychology

* Parapsychology

* Personality psychology

* Positive psychology

* Psychoanalysis

* Psychometrics

* Psychophysics

* Quantitative psychology

* Social psychology

* Sport psychology

* Media psychology


* Applied sociology, o Political sociology, o Public sociology, o Social engineering, o Leisure studies

* Collective behavior, o Social movements

* Community informatics, o Social network analysis

* Comparative sociology

* Conflict theory

* Cultural studies

* Criminology/Criminal justice

* Demography/Population

* Environmental sociology

* Feminist sociology

* Future studies

* Human ecology

* Interactionism, o Phenomenology, o Ethnomethodology, o Symbolic interactionism, o Social constructionism

* Medical sociology

* Military sociology

* Organizational studies

* Science studies/Science and technology studies

* Sexology

* Social capital

* Social control, o Pure sociology

* Social economy

* Social philosophy

* Social psychology

* Social policy

* Social research, o Computational sociology, o Economic sociology/Socioeconomics, + Economic development, + Social development, o Sociology of culture, o Sociology of deviance, o Sociology of education, o Sociology of gender, o Sociology of the family, o Sociology of knowledge, o Sociology of law, o Sociology of religion, o Sociology of sport, o Sociology of work

* Social theory

* Social stratification

* Sociological theory

* Sociobiology

* Sociocybernetics

* Sociolinguistics

* Urban studies or Urban sociology/Rural sociology

* Visual sociology

Natural Sciences

Space Sciences

* Astrobiology

* Astronomy, o Observational astronomy, + Gamma ray astronomy, + Infrared astronomy, + Microwave astronomy, + Optical astronomy, + Radio astronomy, + UV astronomy, + X-ray astronomy

* Astrophysics, o Gravitational astronomy, + Black holes, o Interstellar medium, o Numerical simulations in, + Astrophysical plasma, + Galaxy formation and evolution, + High-energy astrophysics, + Hydrodynamics, + Magnetohydrodynamics, + Star formation, o Physical cosmology, o Stellar astrophysics, + Helioseismology, + Stellar evolution, + Stellar nucleosynthesis

Earth Sciences

* Edaphology

* Environmental science

* Environmental chemistry

* Gemology

* Geodesy

* Geography

* Geology

* Geochemistry

* Geomorphology

* Geophysics

* Glaciology

* Hydrogeology

* Hydrology

* Meteorology

* Mineralogy

* Oceanography

* Pedology

* Paleontology, o Paleobiology

* Planetary science

* Sedimentology

* Soil science

* Speleology

* Tectonics

Life sciences

* Biochemistry

* Bioinformatics

* Biology, o Aerobiology, o Anatomy, + Comparative anatomy, + Human anatomy, o Botany, + Ethnobotany, + Phycology, o Cell biology, o Chronobiology, o Cryobiology, o Developmental biology, + Embryology, o Ecology, + Human ecology, + Landscape ecology, o Genetics, + Behavioural genetics, o Endocrinology, o Evolutionary biology, o Human biology, o Marine biology, o Microbiology, o Molecular biology, o Nutrition, o Neuroscience, + Behavioral neuroscience, o Paleobiology, + Paleontology, o Virology, + Molecular virology, o Xenobiology, o Zoology, + Animal communications, + Cryptozoology, + Entomology, + Ethology, + Herpetology, + Ichthyology, + Oology, + Ornithology, + Primatology, + Zootomy

* Biophysics

* Limnology

* Linnaean taxonomy

* Mycology

* Parasitology

* Pathology

* Physiology, o Human physiology, + Exercise physiology

* Systematics (Taxonomy)

* Teratology


* Analytical chemistry

* Biochemistry

* Cheminformatics

* Computational chemistry

* Materials science

* Mathematical chemistry

* Quantum chemistry

* Inorganic chemistry

* Organic chemistry

* Physical chemistry

* Theoretical chemistry

* Interface and colloid science


* Acoustics

* Astrophysics

* Atomic, molecular, and optical physics

* Biophysics

* Theoretical physics

* Computational physics

* Condensed matter physics

* Cryogenics

* Electromagnetism

* Elementary particle physics

* Fluid dynamics

* Geophysics

* Mathematical physics

* Medical physics

* Materials science

* Mechanics

* Molecular physics

* Nuclear physics

* Newtonian dynamics

* Optics

* Plasma physics

* Quantum physics

* Solid state physics

* Solid mechanics

* Statistical mechanics

* Vehicle dynamics

* Thermodynamics

* Applied Physics

Formal Sciences

Computer Science

* Theory of computation, o Automata theory (Formal languages), o Computability theory, o Computational complexity theory, o Concurrency theory

* Algorithms, o Randomized algorithms, o Distributed algorithms, o Parallel algorithms

* Data structures

* Computer architecture, o VLSI design

* Operating systems

* Computer communications (networks), o Information theory, o Internet, World wide web, o Wireless computing (Mobile computing), o Ubiquitous computing, o Cloud computing

* Computer security and reliability, o Cryptography, o Fault-tolerant computing, * Distributed computing, o Grid computing

* Parallel computing, o High-performance computing

* Quantum computing

* Computer graphics, o Image processing, o Scientific visualization, o Computational geometry

* Software engineering, o Formal methods (Formal verification)

* Programming languages, o Programming paradigms, + Object-oriented programming, + Functional programming, + Concurrent programming, o Program semantics, o Type theory, o Compilers

* Information science, o Data management, o Data mining, o Database, + Relational database, + Distributed database, + Object database, o Information retrieval, o Information management, o Knowledge management, o Multimedia, hypermedia

* Artificial intelligence, o Cognitive science, + Automated reasoning, + Machine learning, # Artificial neural network, # Support vector machine, + Natural language processing (Computational linguistics), + Computer vision, o Expert systems, o Robotics

* Information systems (Business informatics), o Information technology, o Management information systems, o Health informatics

* Human-computer interaction

* Computing in Mathematics, Natural sciences, Engineering and Medicine, o Numerical analysis, o Algebraic (symbolic) computation, o Computational number theory, o Computational mathematics, o Scientific computing (Computational science), o Computational biology (bioinformatics), o Computational physics, o Computational chemistry, o Computational neuroscience, o Computer-aided engineering, + Finite element analysis, + Computational fluid dynamics

* Computing in Social sciences, Arts and Humanities, Professions, o Computational economics, o Computational sociology, o Computational finance, o The Digital Humanities (Humanities computing)

* Computer and society, o History of computer hardware, o History of computer science, o Humanistic informatics, o Community informatics


* Mathematical logic, o Set theory, o Proof theory, o Model theory, o Recursion theory, o Modal logic, o Intuitionistic logic

* Philosophical Logic, o Modal logic, + Deontic logic, + Doxastic logic, o Logical reasoning

* Logic in computer science, o Programming language semantics, o Formal methods (Formal verification), o Type theory, o Logic programming, o Multi-valued logic, + Fuzzy logic


* Algebra, o Group theory, + Group representation, o Ring theory, o Field theory, o Linear algebra (Vector space), o Multilinear algebra, o Lie algebra, o Associative algebra, o Non-associative algebra, o Universal algebra, o Homological algebra, o Differential algebra, o Lattice theory (Order theory), o Representation theory, o K-theory, o Category theory, + Topos theory

* Analysis, o Real analysis, + Calculus, o Complex analysis, o Functional analysis, + Operator theory, o Non-standard analysis, o Harmonic analysis, + Fourier analysis, o p-adic analysis, o Ordinary differential equations, o Partial differential equations

* Probability theory, o Measure theory, o Ergodic theory, o Stochastic process

* Geometry and Topology, o General topology, o Algebraic topology, o Geometric topology, o Differential topology, o Algebraic geometry, o Differential geometry, o Projective geometry, o Affine geometry, o Non-Euclidean geometry, o Convex geometry, o Discrete geometry

* Number theory, o Analytic number theory, o Algebraic number theory, o Geometric number theory

* Logic and Foundations of mathematics, o Set theory, o Proof theory, o Model theory, o Recursion theory, o Modal logic, o Intuitionistic logic

* Applied mathematics, o Statistics, + Mathematical statistics, + Econometrics, + Actuarial science, + Demography, o Approximation theory, o Numerical analysis, o Operations research, + Optimization (Mathematical programming), + Linear programming, + Dynamic programming, + Assignment problem, + Decision analysis, + Inventory theory, + scheduling, + Real options analysis, + Systems analysis, + Stochastic processes, + Optimal maintenance, o Dynamical systems, + Chaos theory, + Fractal geometry, o Mathematical physics, + Quantum mechanics, + Quantum field theory, + Quantum gravity, # String theory, + Statistical mechanics, o Theory of computation, + Computational complexity theory, o Information theory, o Cryptography, o Combinatorics, + Coding theory, o Graph theory, o Game theory


* Computational statistics, o Data mining, o Regression, o Simulation, + Bootstrap (statistics)

* Design of experiments, o Block design and Analysis of variance, o Response surface methodology

* Statistical modelling, o Biostatistics, + Epidemiology, o Multivariate analysis, + Structural equation model, + Time series, o Reliability theory, o Quality control

* Statistical theory, o Decision theory, o Mathematical statistics, + Probability

* Sample Survey, o Sampling theory, o Survey methodology

System Sciences

* Complex systems

* Cybernetics

* Control theory, o Control engineering, o Control systems, o Dynamical systems

* Operations research

* Systems dynamics

* Systems engineering, o Systems analysis

* Systems theory, o Developmental systems theory, o General systems theory, o Mathematical system theory

Applied Science / Professions


* Agroecology

* Agronomy

* Animal husbandry (Animal science), o Beekeeping (Apiculture)

* Agrology

* Entomology

* Agricultural economics

* Agricultural engineering, o Biological systems engineering, o Food engineering

* Aquaculture

* Enology

* Food science

* Horticulture

* Hydrology

* Plant science, o Pomology

* Viticulture


* Architecture and related design, o Architecture, o Urban planning (urban design), o Interior design (interior architecture), o Landscape architecture (landscape planning)

* Historic preservation

* Industrial design (product design), o Ergonomics, o Game design*, o Toy and amusement design*

* Fashion design

* Textile design

* Visual communication, o Graphic design, + Type design, o User interface design, o Technical drawing


* Accounting scholarship

* Business administration

* Business analysis

* Business ethics

* E-Business

* Entrepreneurship

* Finance

* Industrial and labor relations, o Collective bargaining, o Human resources, o Organizational studies, o Labor economics, o Labor history

* Information systems

* Business Law

* International Trade

* Marketing

* Risk management and insurance

* Systems science

* Purchasing


* Canon law

* Church history

* Field ministry, o Pastoral counseling, o Pastoral theology, o Religious education techniques, o Homiletics, o Liturgy, o Sacred music

* Scriptural study and languages, o Biblical Hebrew, o Biblical studies/Sacred Scripture, o New Testament Greek, o Latin, o Old Church Slavonic

* Theology, o Dogmatic theology, o Ecclesiology, o Sacramental theology, o Systematic theology


* Consumer education

* Critical pedagogy

* Curriculum and instruction, o Elementary education (Primary education and Intermediate education), o Secondary education, o Higher education, o Mastery learning, o Cooperative learning, o Agricultural education, o Art education, o Bilingual education, o Chemistry education, o Counselor education, o Language education, o Legal education, o Mathematics education, o Medical education, o Military education and training, o Music education, o Nursing education, o Peace education, o Physical education/ Coaching Education (sport) / Sports coaching, o Physics education, o Reading education, o Religious education, o Science education, o Special education, o Sex education, o Sociology of education, o Technology education, o Vocational education

* Educational leadership

* Educational philosophy

* Educational psychology

* Educational technology

* Distance Education


Aerospace Engineering

* Architectural engineering

* Biological engineering, * Agricultural engineering, * Biochemical engineering, * Biomedical engineering, * Biomechanical engineering, * Computer engineering, * Clinical engineering, * Ergonomics, * Food engineering, * Bioprocess engineering, * Bioenergy, * Genetic engineering, * Human genetic engineering, * Metabolic engineering, * Molecular engineering, * Neural engineering, * Protein engineering, * Rehabilitation engineering, * Tissue engineering

* Broadcast engineering

* Building engineering

* Ceramics engineering

* Chemical engineering, * Micro process engineering, * Paper engineering, * Plastics engineering, * Process engineering

* Civil engineering, * Aquatic and environmental engineering, * Architectural engineering, * Climate engineering, * Civionic engineering (civionics), * Construction engineering, * Earthquake engineering, * Earth systems engineering and management, * Ecological engineering, * Environmental engineering, * Facilities engineering, * Geomatics engineering, * Geotechnical engineering, * Highway engineering, * Hydraulic engineering, * Landscape engineering (landscape architecture), * Land development engineering, * Pavement engineering, * Railway systems engineering, * River engineering, * Sanitary engineering, * Sewage engineering, * Structural engineering, * Surveying, * Traffic engineering, * Transportation engineering (transport engineering), * Urban engineering (Municipal engineering)

* Electrical engineering, * Broadcast engineering, * Building engineering, * Communications system engineering, * Computer engineering, * Power System Engineering, * Control engineering (control systems engineering), * Electronics and Communication Engineering, * Information Technology, * Electronics engineering (includes microelectronics engineering, microelectronics and semiconductor engineering), * Instrumentation engineering, * Network engineering

* Engineering Science

* Financial engineering, * Computational finance (financial engineering), * Value engineering, * Cost engineering

* Fire protection engineering

* Glass engineering

* Industrial engineering (includes manufacturing and production engineering), * Behavioral engineering, * Domain engineering, * Engineering economics, * Engineering management, * Engineering psychology, * Logistic engineering, * Model-driven engineering, * Performance engineering, * Product Family Engineering, * Quality engineering (quality assurance engineering), * Reliability engineering, * Safety engineering, * Security engineering, * Support engineering, * Systems engineering (systems design engineering)

* Marine engineering

* Materials engineering, * Metallurgical Engineering, * Surface Engineering, * Biomaterials, * Crystal engineering, * Ceramic Engineering, * Plastics engineering, * Forensic materials engineering, * Nanomaterials, * Polymer engineering, * Corrosion engineering

* Mechanical engineering, * Acoustical engineering, * Aerospace engineering, * Audio engineering, * Automotive engineering (automotive systems engineering), * Earthquake engineering, * Forensic engineering, * Marine engineering, * Mechatronics, * Nanoengineering, * Naval architecture, * Sports engineering, * Structural engineering, * Vacuum engineering

* Military engineer

* Nuclear engineering

* Ocean engineering

* Optical engineering

* Petroleum engineering, * Geophysical engineering, * Mineral engineering, * Mining engineering, * Reservoir engineering

* Planetary engineering / Geoengineering

* Reverse engineering

* Safety engineering

* Software engineering, * Computer-aided engineering, * Cryptographic engineering, * Information engineering, * Knowledge engineering, * Language engineering, * Release engineering, * Teletraffic engineering, * Usability engineering, * Web engineering

* Social engineering, Political engineering

* Systems engineering

* Textile engineering

Subtopic 30

Environmental Sciences and Forestry

* Conservation biology

* Environmental management, o Coastal management, o Fisheries management, o Land management, o Natural resource management, o Wildlife management

* Environmental policy

* Recreation ecology

* Silviculture

* Sustainable development

* Toxicology

Family and Consumer Science

* Consumer education

* Housing*

* Interior design

* Nutrition, o Foodservice management*

* Textiles*

Health Sciences

* Alternative medicine, o Acupuncture

* Clinical laboratory sciences, o Clinical biochemistry, o Cytogenetics, o Cytohematology, o Cytology, o Haemostasiology, o Histology, o Immunology, o Microbiology, o Molecular genetics, o Parasitology

* Dentistry, o Dental hygiene and epidemiology, o Dental surgery, o Endodontics, o Orthodontics, o Oral and maxillofacial surgery, o Periodontics, o Prosthodontics, o Implantology

* Nursing, o Nursing theory, o Midwifery

* Nutrition and dietetics

* Optometry

* Orthoptics

* Physiotherapy

* Occupational therapy

* Speech and language pathology

* Medicine, o Anesthesiology, + Regional anesthesia, + Pain medicine, o Preventive medicine, o Cardiology, o Emergency medicine, + Medical toxicology, o Endocrinology, + Diabetology, o Epidemiology, o Forensic science, o Geriatrics, o Gynaecology, o Hematology, o Infectious disease, o Internal medicine (general medicine), o Nephrology, o Neurology, o Neurosurgery, o Obstetrics, o Oncology, o Ophthalmology, o Orthopedic surgery, + Hand surgery, + Foot and ankle surgery, + Sports medicine, + Joint replacement, + Shoulder surgery, o Otolaryngology, o Pathology, o Pediatrics, o Podiatry, o Primary care, + General practice, o Public health, o Psychiatry, + Addiction medicine, o Radiology, o Recreation therapy, o Rehabilitation medicine, o Respiratory medicine, + Pulmonology, + Sleep medicine, o Rheumatology, o Sports medicine, o Surgery, + Bariatric surgery, + Cardiothoracic surgery, + Neurosurgery, + Plastic surgery, o Traumatology, o Urology, + Andrology

* Pharmaceutical sciences

* Pharmacy, o Behavioral medicine, o Clinical psychology, o Health psychology, o Medical psychology, o Counseling psychology

* Veterinary medicine

* Physical fitness, o Group Fitness / aerobics, o Personal fitness training, o Kinesiology / Exercise Science / Human Performance


* Journalism, o Broadcast journalism, o Literary journalism, o New media journalism, o Print journalism, o Sports journalism / sportscasting

* Media studies (Mass media), o Newspaper, o Magazine, o Radio, o Television, + Television studies*, o Internet

* Communication, o Animal communications, o Information theory, o Intercultural communication, o Advertising, o Communication design, o Marketing, o Mass communication, o Translation, o Propaganda, o Public relations, o Technical writing, o Nonverbal communications, o Speech communications


* Canon law

* Comparative law

* Constitutional law

* Civil law, o Admiralty law, o Animal law/Animal rights, o Corporations, o Civil procedure, o Contracts, o Environmental law, o International law, o Labor law, o Paralegal studies, o Property law, o Tax law, o Torts

* Criminal law, o Criminal procedure, o Criminal justice, + Police science, + Forensics

* Islamic law

* Jewish law

* Jurisprudence (Philosophy of Law)

Library and Museum Studies

* Archival science

* Bibliometrics, o Citation analysis

* Informatics

* Information architecture

* Museology, o Museum administration

Miltiary Sciences

* Amphibious warfare

* Artillery

* Campaigning

* Military engineering

* Doctrine

* Game theory

* Leadership

* Logistics

* Military history

* Military intelligence

* Military law

* Military medicine

* Naval science, o Naval engineering, o Naval tactics, o Naval architecture, o Weapons systems

* Strategy

* Tactics, o Naval tactics

Public Affairs

* Corrections

* Conservation biology

* Criminal justice

* Emergency management

* Fire safety (Structural fire protection)

* Fire ecology (Wildland fire management)

* Governmental affairs

* International affairs

* Official statistics

* Peace and conflict studies

* Police science

* Public administration, o Nonprofit administration, o Non-governmental organization (NGO) administration

* Public policy, o Education policy, o Environmental policy, o Fiscal policy, o Health policy, o Trade policy

Social Work

* Child welfare

* Community practice, o Community organizing, o Social policy

* Gerontology

* Medical social work

* Mental health

* School social work


* Highway safety

* Infographics

* Intermodal transportation studies

* Marine transportation, o Port management

* Operations research

* Mass transit