Ancillary Intro

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Ancillary Intro by Mind Map: Ancillary Intro

1. Why?

1.1. Promote

1.1.1. Ancillary products help promote the artist

1.1.2. Also help promote the album/single

1.1.3. This is when synergy becomes present

1.2. Motifs can be used

1.2.1. To give the audience a visual memory

2. Advert

2.1. Purpose?

2.1.1. Again to help promote the artist and also the album/single to help contribute to sales(increase)

2.1.2. Appeals to everyone who is a target audience or fan of the genre

2.2. Conventions

2.2.1. This should be similar to the digipak so that it becomes a brand that the target audience will always recognize and therefore there should be visual links

2.2.2. Same image as digipak

2.2.3. Image so only take up 3/4 of page

2.2.4. Similar font

2.2.5. Artist name should bigger than title

2.2.6. Release date and where available

3. Digipak

3.1. Purpose?

3.1.1. These are seen more as collectable items as they are better presented and have a nice finish

3.1.2. Appeals to collectors and true fans equivalent to vinyl records

3.2. Conventions

3.2.1. These are dependent on the genre however there are some things they must all have

3.2.2. Artist name should be bigger than the title

3.2.3. Production info

3.2.4. 3/4 colours maximum to keep it clear to audience

3.2.5. Synergy

3.2.6. Consistent font

4. Ancillary products should help promote and contribute to the artists image and album/single making them become a brand and giving the target audience something to visually recognize them by.