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Fiverr Cash Formula by Mind Map: Fiverr Cash Formula
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Fiverr Cash Formula

Part 1. Introduction to Fiverr

1.1. Registeration

1.2 . Profile Setup

1.3. Creating Your First Gig

1.4. Creating Your Gig Images

1.5. Creating Your Gig Video

Part 2. The Gigs

2.1. Digital Product Marketing

2.2. Writing gigs

2.3. SEO and Traffic Gigs

2.4. Graphics

2.5. Video Gigs

2.6. Social Gigs

2.7. Other Gigs

Part 4. Conclusion

Delivering Your Jobs

Maximizing Your Sales/Earnings

Withdrawing Your Earnings

Keeping your account safe

Final Words

Part 3. Traffic

Fiverr/Internal Traffic

External Traffic


Outsourcing Your Jobs

Reselling Fiverr Gigs

Making Money Buying Fiverr Gigs