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Michael HallPLN IA (information architecture) by Mind Map: Michael HallPLN IA 
(information architecture)
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Michael HallPLN IA (information architecture)

default IA for:

My ideal career (as specific as you can be)

Television Production- Technical Director of Ultimate Fighting Championship -Zuffa, LLC Live Events/Pay-Per-Views

Producer - Film

I belong to: (enter 5 tools)





Theta Delta Chi

How will I get smarter

Field Experience

Marist Education -Degree

What has been learned

Advanced TV Production Skills- Camera operation, Sound/Boom Operation and Mixing, Lighting techniques, Script Supervising and Continuity, Pre/Post Production, Slating, Key Grip.

Photoshop Basics

Advanced AVID Editing Skills

Sound Editing with Pro Tools/Audacity/Krystal

Experience in Film

Production Assistant for "Truckload of Faith" -Key Grip, Lighting, and Slating

MCTV - Entertainment & News

"Dead End" - Assistant Director/Assistant Producer/Camera Operator/Sound Operation/Editor/Actor

"Ziggy Phelps and the Spiders from Mars" - Sound Operator, Key Grip

"Power or the People- The Story of Indian Point Powerplant" -Documentary- Director/Camera Operator/Producer/Editor

Persons of Interest

Dana White - President of UFC

Lorenzo Fertita - Executive Producer of UFC

Frank Fertita -Executive Producer of UFC

Craig Borsari- Supervising Producerof UFC

Allan Connal -Technical Producer of UFC

Bruce Connal - Producer of UFC

Bob Feller- In-house Producer

Marin Skific - Tape Producer of UFC

Lauren Anders Brown - Movie Producer

John Carlino - Director

Elizabeth Neuveu - Assistant Director

Will Zullo - 2nd AD

Matt Wise 2nd 2nd AD

Alyana Ayde - Script Supervisor

Eric Armstrong - Director of Photography

Chuck Moya - Assistant Cameraman

John Hockenberry - Steady Cam Operator

MAtthew Pebler - Grip and Electric

Breadan Herrera - Sound Operator

Hercules Wang - Grip and Electric

Jeff Bass - Marist Media Professor

Paula Willoquet - Marist Film Professor

Christopher Hall - Producer/Director

Chris Dascoli - Actor

Jerry Bruckheimer - Producer, Patt Sandston - Associate Producer, Doug Miro - Writer, Carlo Bernard - Writer, Matt Lopex - Writer

John Turtleaub - Producer, Richard Barratta - Production Manager, Trevor Waterson - Production Supervisor, John DeSimone- Production Coordinator

Barry Waldman - Producer

Mike Stenson - Producer

Norm Golightly - Producer

Todd Gardner - Producer

Adam McKay - Director/Producer

Jimmy Miller- Producer

Will Farrell - Producer/Actor

Pat Crowley - Producer