Native Canadian

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Native Canadian by Mind Map: Native Canadian

1. Primary Characters

1.1. Sky Woman

1.1.1. also known as Mature Flowers

1.1.2. Good Values

1.1.3. Good Character

1.2. Woman Child

1.2.1. Good Values

1.2.2. Child of Sky Woman

1.2.3. Eventually becomes Earth Mother

1.3. Flint

1.3.1. Bad values

1.3.2. Caused the death of his mother

1.3.3. Ugly appearance

1.3.4. Makes useless imitations of his brothers creations, only causing disunity

1.4. Good-Minded

1.4.1. Good values

1.4.2. Was named "He Who Grasps The Sky With Both Hands" after his mothers death, by Sky Woman

1.4.3. created mankind

1.4.4. creates pleasant creations (ie songbirds flowers etc)

1.4.5. gives duties to all secondary characters

2. Morals

2.1. There is always a bad and good

2.1.1. The good will always overcome the deeds of the bad sky woman was pushed into a hole in the sky world so that she would die, but instead she started anew in a new land and later on went to visit sky world again the Woman Child died because of the evil nature of her second child, but had her death had still brought something good to the world and benefited the humans

2.2. Good-Minded says "Thus shall it continue to be in the future that there shall be always two tribes of people living on either side of the river"

2.2.1. Means that there will always be conflicts between people and there will always be disagreements Good-Minded taught the people in this world to live in peace and harmony, but said that that he would return when the rains came from the east could maybe man that he would return when there was more conflict

2.2.2. could also mean that there will always be evil and good

2.3. The action's of one affect everyone around him/her

2.3.1. Sky Chief pushes wife out of SkyWorld This action affects creatures on earth animals risk lives to save her Land is formed, shelter/habitat for creatures

2.3.2. Good Minded wants to make earth a better place creates pleasant nature (ie songbirds, animals etc) creates man

2.3.3. Flint destroys and ruins anything in his path tries to imitate his brother's work but succeeds in causing disunity and chaos his values led to his downfall (his banishment)

3. Native Canadian Culture + lifestyle

3.1. beans, corn, and squash were their main source of nutrition....The child of the sky woman had beans,corn and squash growing fro her grave

3.1.1. these crops were important to native Canadians as they were crops that could be grown side by side crops benefit from each other....

3.1.2. sky woman's child having brought these crops to their world would make the three crops believe that they were important

3.2. A spiritual and residential closness to nature

3.2.1. Many animals helped the sky woman animals risked their lives to protect her

3.2.2. sky woman has ability to create vegetation instantly Sky woman's original home had a tree of light that lit all of the sky world

3.3. A respect of nature

3.3.1. Good-minded, the good twin who was greatly respected created animals, crops, etc,

3.3.2. Many of the names in the story had to do with nature People and tribes were named after characteristics and nature man was called "sapling" and women were called "growing flower"

3.3.3. Value animals and natural elements significantly

4. Archetypes

4.1. Damsel in distress that later becomes a hero

4.2. An evil, and a good twin

4.2.1. good guy is worshipped or thought of as a hero good guy helps all humans bad twin defeated by good twin (good guy beats bad guy)

4.3. A characters death due to trying to protect a good character

4.3.1. characters that help the pretty girl in the story (animals all get together to save the sky woman and the muskrat ends up dying)

4.4. An alllround male leader

4.4.1. Evil ruler's action affect rest of world directly and indirectly Powerful chief pushes wife down to earth Animals are affected, Landforms are affected, etc

5. Main Events

5.1. All round leader pushes his wife out of the sky

5.2. Animals see her falling and decide to help

5.2.1. As there was no land, animals had to dive under the ocean to get mud.

5.2.2. Muskrat succeeded in getting precious mud to the surface, but had drowned.

5.2.3. They first placed the mud on beaver, and when it got too heavy so turtle took the responsibility The birds help her land on the rapidly expanding land as she walks the seeds on her clothes fall off leaving vegetation in her footsteps

5.3. Sky woman gives birth

5.3.1. Woman child has many suitors

5.3.2. has twins with one of them, but dies because of the evil nature of the second child Older child is named "Good-Minded" Younger child is Named "Flint" On her grave grows the three sister crops; Corn, Squash & Beans.

5.4. Good-Minded seeks father to make world a better place

5.4.1. Good-minded helps the humans by creating the good parts in the world like animals and plants

5.4.2. Flint creates the bad parts in the world (ie thorns and thistles) and falls in attempt to imitate his brothers creations

5.4.3. The brothers duel it out. Flint loses to his brother and is banished forever

6. Characters

6.1. Secondary Characters

6.1.1. He The Sky Holder creates basic plant life as she walks on back of turtle lays a foundation for more vegetation and life, shelter etc Negative Values Evil Character

6.1.2. Sky Beings Given duties by Good Minded Our Grandmother the Moon Elder Brother the Sun Day Bringer the Morning Star Milky Way - path to SkyWorld

7. Setting

7.1. Sky World

7.1.1. Setting in the beginning of the story, when sky woman is pushed into a hole in Sky world

7.2. the sea

7.2.1. Where the Sky woman fell after falling through the hole

7.2.2. also where all the animals tried to bring mud up from the bottom of the sea in attempt to save sky woman

7.3. Earth

7.3.1. The world Sky woman fell into

8. Important facts/ Takeaways

8.1. The Native Canadians valued nature.... they were very spiritual

8.2. This story shows how earth became the way it is

8.2.1. Good-Minded created many of the things in the sky... like the sun He created man,woman,animals,plants,etc

8.2.2. Sky-Woman started the creation After falling from the hole, she started to instantly grow vegetation

8.2.3. Woman Child had the three sister crops grow at her grave

9. Values

9.1. SkyChief

9.1.1. Jealousy clouds his mind

9.1.2. causes him to push his wife down to earth was the 'king of skyworld' held great power negative values made him desperate for more power ended up losing his wife due to the winning of negative thoughts

9.2. creativity

9.2.1. SkyWoman

9.2.2. Flint creates unuseful creations in attempt to imitate his brother (ie thorns, rapids) his creations are dark and of no use to man

9.2.3. GoodMinded creates man creates pleasant nature (ie songbirds etc) creates useful creations for man to use and prosper

9.3. helping others

9.3.1. refer to morals section

9.4. Power

9.4.1. Flint evil natured twin of Good Minded attempted to imitate his brother's work only brought chaos and destruction his lust for control and authority lead to his downfall