Portable Celestial Chronometer device

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Portable Celestial Chronometer device by Mind Map: Portable Celestial Chronometer device

1. Microprocessor

1.1. motor controler

1.1.1. Analog physical turning device programmable watch motor conroler

1.2. celestial software

1.2.1. Calculation of the Earths rotation

1.2.2. Calculation of the Moons roation around Earth

1.2.3. Calulation of the Earth Solstices

1.2.4. Calculation of the Earths rotation around the sun

1.2.5. Calculation of the Planets rotation around the sun

1.2.6. Calculation of our galaxies rotation around the Galactic center

1.2.7. Calculation of the astrological signs of all the Houses with the specific relation to a specific place on the earth using GPS information

1.2.8. Instances Celestia stary night Dr. Thomas Brophy the Orgin map nabta playa AA+ v1.30 Algorthms

1.3. Serial interface

1.3.1. Global Positioning System Latitude longitude

1.3.2. Magnetrometer North East South West

1.3.3. Acelerometer X Y Z Movment through space

1.3.4. Gyroscope X Y Z Angle of rotation

1.4. Power supply

1.4.1. Battery power

1.4.2. Solar pannel

1.5. Human interface

1.5.1. Input Date.time

1.6. Ideally replace all digital equipment with analogue mechanical moving parts

1.6.1. An algorithm is needed to turn a mathematical function into moving gears. ie a gear with 13 teeth would represent the number 13 which could turn a gear with 28 teeth, so if every day your turned the one of the 28 teeth, a full rotation of the thirteen toothed gear would represent a year.

1.6.2. Gyroscopes attached to gears A gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of conservation of angular momentum

1.6.3. Black box perpetual motion machine attached to a gear that can continuously take a constant drag

1.6.4. all materials used would be of the highest frequency vibration ascended metals

2. Physical structure

2.1. Metal casing

2.2. Moving watch hands

2.3. Circular plate with Astrological information

2.4. center pentagonal shape

2.4.1. cyrstal

2.5. center tetrahedron

2.5.1. crystal

2.6. exterior compass ring

2.6.1. motor controled

3. Inner Circle

3.1. Inner Circle View is devices placement on earth

3.2. Hand always pointing towards Sun from current postion

3.3. Hand always pointing towards Moon from current postion

3.4. Hands always pointing towards Planets from current position

3.5. Two Hands pointing towards sun set and sun rise (symmetrical) positions in relation to True South

3.6. Hand pointing towards Earth which would be the gravitational vector

3.7. Hands take the angle pointing at the object projected on the two dimensional plane the device is angled at.

3.8. distances to objects are dynamic with time

4. First outer layer

4.1. Compass markings of magnetic north

4.2. division markings

4.2.1. divide circle by four first, then eight, then 16...

4.3. Entire device turns to remain in alignment with magnetic north using Magnetometer and gyroscopes

5. Second outer layer

5.1. Compass markings of True north

5.2. division markings

5.2.1. divide circle by for first, then eight, then 16...

5.3. True north adjusts itself relative to Magnetic north using declination calculations from GPS

6. Third outer layer

6.1. Third layered view is centered around our star sun

6.2. Hands pointing towards planets from the position of the sun

6.3. Tetrahedron pointing towards Planetary patterns

6.3.1. Shekinah Cycles

6.4. Pentagon pointing towards Planetary patterns

6.5. Markings around Second outer layer to indicate that the center is now the sun

6.6. Device in this layer and the fourth layer is seen as being in the center of the sun

6.7. Hands take the angle pointing at the object projected on the two dimensional plane the device is angled at.

6.8. distances to objects are fairly static.

7. fourth outer layer

7.1. 360 degree markings

7.2. Zodiac signs

7.3. Rotation of the Zodiac ring with the procession of the galactic center

7.4. Galactic Center marking

7.5. Galactic Anticenter marking

7.5.1. Orion's Shoulder

7.6. A mapping of the Milky way

7.7. Marking of the Processional ages

7.7.1. Iron We are in this age

7.7.2. Bronze

7.7.3. Silver

7.7.4. Gold

7.8. Lowest Culmination

7.9. Highest Culmination

8. Fifth outer layer

8.1. Casing of device

8.2. Protective

8.3. encapsulates

9. Symbolic Representation of Planets and stars

9.1. Recognized standards for symbols

9.1.1. embeded in needle hand

9.2. Crystals, gems and stones set in silver

9.2.1. Analysis of prominent light frequency spectrum of planet and match with stone

9.2.2. sizes of stones represent to scale actual sizes