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FUFISM is a marketing philosophy where the social media is used as the primary communication tool to bing all your marketing both online and off line into one single integrated marketing plan.


This section discusses different Search Engine Optimisation issues and is divided into two distinct sections in page and off page


OPSEO or Off page Search Engine Optimisation is a very wide topic and discusses all the Search engine Optimisation strategies that take place off page


IPSEO discusses all the IN PAGE Search Engine Optimisation strategies and is also a very wide range of issues. the IPSEO is very dependent on your selected target market audience and their preferences to a host of issues

Social media

The social media is your primary link building platform, and will have links to both your web site and your blog within most of the posts that originate from your team. Your social media platforms are used to educate your intended target market audience about the information contained in your web and blog as well as entice your target audience to follow the links to the information in your blog or web site.





Other platforms


Blogs are one of the cornerstones of your marketing campaign and house your intermediate information that is time dependent, as opposed to web pages which are not connected to time based issues, where freshness of information is not an issue.

Web site

Your web site is one of the corner stones of your marketing efforts and is the place where sales are concluded and your online information is made available to your target audience

Content issues

Content issues are very complicated and they are also platform specific as well as being target audience specific. Key word selection and related issues need to be discussed with the relevant persons, as dictated by the place within the sales / conversion funnel where the content will appear as well as on which platform it will be seen by your intended target audience

web site content

print media content

Blog content

Radio content

Target market research

audio Visual content

product / service research

Marketing issues

this section discusses broad based marketing issues and their relationship to the various different sections of your FUFISM based marketing strategies.

Online marketing

Print media marketing

Radio marketing

Social media marketing

Management issues

This section discusses how the various sections fit together and what needs to be done to ensure co-operation between the different sections of your FUFISM based marketing strategies




sales / conversion funnels