Causes of Civil War

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Causes of Civil War by Mind Map: Causes of Civil War

1. Economy

1.1. North

1.1.1. Industrialized

1.1.2. The North's economy was expanding rapidly. The more goods that they produced, the more they would export to other states and countries like Europe. They believed it was better to do things industrialized then by using slaves. They were becoming more antislavery the more their economy expanded.

1.2. South

1.2.1. Agriculture

1.2.2. The South's population had a slow population rate. They were the opposite of the North. They actually liked slavery and wanted to keep it. Their economy depended on agriculture and slavery. The more slaves they had, the more they could get done, and the more they made money.

1.3. Industrial Revolution

1.3.1. While the North and South were having problems about slavery, the Industrial Revolution was going on in the North. Since slavery was a big topic during this time, the North stopped it and tried "solving" the changes because of slavery. After the Civil War, they eventually contingue the revolution.

2. Defending Slavery

2.1. States' rights

2.1.1. The states could create laws to see was in there best interests, so they could nullify any federal law. The states basically had a lot of power.

2.2. Nullification

2.2.1. South Carolina used this to say that they had the right to choice if they wanted to have slavery or not. Since they wanted slavery, they eventually succeed from the United States and created the Confederate States, which later other states join.

2.3. Racist Sterotyping

2.3.1. There was shows were racism was shown. This made tension between the North and South bigger.

3. Second Party System

3.1. Ending

3.1.1. The Second Party ended because of the conflicts between slavery. The Republicans emerged iin the North and Midwest. It was made up of Whigs and Free Soilers.

4. Abolitionists

4.1. Rebellion

4.1.1. Nat Turner's rebellion was on of the rebellions that happened. They rebelled that way they could end slavery. In this rebellion, they used violence.

4.2. Underground Railroad

4.2.1. Harriet Tubman

4.2.2. People in the North created a "secret passage" for slave that way they could make their voyage to freedom. Some of the people from the South that wanted to end slavery helped create it. They would help hid the people in their homes, and later send them away to another home until they eventually made their way to the North.

5. Proposals to resolve slavery

5.1. Compromise of 1850

5.1.1. California was added as a free state and made North a little more powerful which made things be unbalanced. Slave trading was abolished in DC, but not slavery. The Fugitive Slave law, the North could capture slaves and return them to the South. They could make good money out of it, so free born slaves had to always carry their papers with them to prevent getting taken to the South and becoming slaves.

5.2. Kansas-Nebraska Act

5.2.1. Nullified the Missouri Compromise, the compromise said that the states above the 30th parallel would be free and the states under would be slave so that the number would be equal, but iit was eventually nullified.

5.3. Dred Scott

5.3.1. This case basically open up the eyes of the African Americans saying that it did not matter if you were a free slave or not, you will be slave and you aren't a citizen.

6. Lincoln's election

6.1. Succession

6.1.1. Since Lincoln wanted to end slavery for the Untied States, some of the South sates like South Carolina wanted to keep it. The states' rights let the states succeed, and let them create whatever government they wanted. This is why the Confederate States where created. Since they couldn't actually have a good economy they eventually joined the United Sattes.