Three Branches of the Federal Government

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Three Branches of the Federal Government by Mind Map: Three Branches of the Federal Government

1. Legislative Branch

1.1. Congress

1.1.1. House of Representatives Has 435 members

1.1.2. Senate Has 100 members

1.2. Requirements

1.3. Resbonsobilities

2. Executive Branch

2.1. President

2.2. Responsibilities

2.3. Requirements

3. Judicial Branch

3.1. Supreme Court

3.1.1. Highest Court in The Land

3.2. Responsobilities

3.2.1. Interpret Laws

3.2.2. Protecting Individual Constitutional Rights

3.2.3. Checking The Powers of The Executive and Legislative Branch

3.3. Requirements

4. President

4.1. Commander in chief of armed forces

4.2. Negotiate treaties with other countries

4.3. Appoint ambassadors, Supreme Court Justices and federal court judges, and Cabinet members

4.4. Make a state of the Union address to Congress

4.5. Make sure that laws are carried out

4.6. Represents America when dealing with foreign countries

4.7. Grant pardons in all federal criminal offences, and reprieves

4.8. Maintain a cabinet of advisors who run the 15 executive departments like the state Department of Treasury

5. Congress

5.1. Collect taxes

5.2. Borrow money and pay depts

5.3. Make rules on how ro become a citizen

5.4. Regulate trade with other nations, between the states, and with Indian tribes

5.5. Coin money and punish counterfeiters

5.6. Establish post offices

5.7. Give patents to new inventions

5.8. Create the lower federal courts

5.9. Punish pirates

5.10. Declare war and support Army and Navy

5.11. Make any law that is "necessary and proper" to carry the powers in this list