Sport Informatics and Analytics

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Sport Informatics and Analytics by Mind Map: Sport Informatics and Analytics

1. Performance Monitoring

1.1. Background

1.1.1. Technological Development Product Stories Amisco AnalysisPro Elite Sports Analysis Prozone Sportstec SportTechie OptaPro Haloview Sport Testing AthleteMonitoring PlaySharp Applications Smartcoach Decision Science Myagonism numberFire sporttagger Double Blue Performa GSN Index Player Lens

1.1.2. Adaptation CPA Cardiff Met NacSport and RealTrack Prozone and SportsTec

1.1.3. Centres Universities CPA, Cardiff Institutes of Sport Australian Institute of Sport English Institute of Sport Australian Institute of Sport Sport Football Association of Wales Industry IAD CIES Morgan (2014) Value Report (2015) SABELLABS

1.1.4. Literature Movement Demands and Match Performance (AFL) (2012) Hogarth, Burkett and McKean (2014) Morgans et al (2014) Yanci, Iturricastillo and Grandos (2014) Gage (2014) O'Donoghue (2014) Jacobs (2014) SportVu Quantified Self Kim (2014) Canalys (2014) Facial Coding Randall (2014) McClusky (2014) Jeremy Boone Performance Technology 101 Duch, Waitzman and Amaral (2010) Cummins, Orr, O'Connor and West (2013) Correia et al (2013) Sargent and Bedford (2013) Gastin et (2015) Dellasara, Gao and Randsell (2015) Gabbett (2013) Jones et al (2014)

1.1.5. Conferences Sports Performance and Tech Summit (2014) Elite Sports Performance 2015 Graham Dudley Ben Darwin BASES 2014 Tony Strudwick & Barry Drust Opta Analytics Forum (2014) Colm McMullan Sport Analytics Innovation Summit (2014) Sport Analytics Innovation Summit (2015)

1.2. Wearable Technologies

1.2.1. Hardware, Software Health and Well-Being Examples Data Interoperability Richard MacManus (2014) Stefan Groschupf (2014) Glyph X-Patch Linx IAS Forcite Alpine Blood Biochemstry (2012) Naomi (2015) Sport Catapult GPSports Inmotio RealTrack Training Peaks Fusion Sport Fair Play Zebra MotionWorks Cricket Bowling (2012) ARDA Kinexon SPT Gametraka Google Glass Ethical Issues Sam Sanders (2015) ANT+ 2014 Symposium RFID Ryder Cup dorsaVi Edgar Charry (2014) Quantified Self Steve Mann (1998) Labs Learning Tomorrow Stefan Groschupf (2014) Quantified Self Sky Christopherson (2014) Chris Froome (2013) UA Record Anand Sharma Internet of Things Mark Weiser 1991 Mattern and Floerkemeier (2010) Kosmantos, Tselikas and Boucouvalas (2011) Holler et al (2014) The CMU Coke Machine Vala Afshar (2014) Pivothead Terven, Salas & Raducanu (2014) Terven et al (2015)

1.2.2. Bloggers Ray Maker ANT+ Keynote (2014) 25 Blog posts David Weinberher 10,000 Eyes Peter Diamindis (2014) Ian Bogost (2014) Rachel Delacour (2014) Design Boom (2014) Oakley The Dash Instabeat Disruptive Design

1.2.3. Alexander Hayes

1.2.4. Andy Miah (2014)

1.3. Motion and Video Tracking

1.3.1. Literature Truong and Venkatesh (2007) Hu at al (2011) Match-to-match variability (AFL) (2014) Sha et al (2014) Morgans et al (2014) Wei et al (2013) Ohshima et al (2004) Ohshima et al (2004) Yue et al (2014) Bialkowski et al (2014) Lucey et al (2012) Bialkowski et al (2014) Disney Research (2013) Finn Marsland Raiyn (2013) Darcy, Tucker and Stantic (2013) Janez Pers Analysis of Human Motion (2008)

1.3.2. Technological Development Amisco Prozone Hawk-Eye Cricinfo (2014) ClearSky Optimeye T5 2013 Video Sentio Technology Sportvision NASCAR Sportradar RaceView RaceBuddy

2. Using this Mind Mapping App

2.1. How I created the framework

2.1.1. How I created the content

3. OERu Unit Sport Informatics and Analytics