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Noahs Ark by Mind Map: Noahs Ark
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Noahs Ark

Communication Language and Literacy

L.O.-Use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences

L.O.-Use talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events

Sharing the story of Noah's Ark

Singing songs about Noah's Ark

Ordering the story of Noah's Ark

Use Drama techniques such as hot seating and freeze frames to re-tell and act out the the story.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

L.O.-Build and construct with a wide range of objects, selecting appropriate resources and adapting their work where necessary

Exploring using different materials to make boats that can float.

Discuss the animals' natural habitats.

Looking after our planet

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy.

Counting in twos using animals and with the song.

Exploring ideas of weight, together with floating and sinking;"how many animals can you fit on your boat before it sinks?"

Creative Development

Class Rainbow using different materials e.g. tissue paper, paint

Using Playdough to make animals.

Constructing Boats using recycled materials

L.O.-Create constructions, collages, painting and drawings.

Singing songs and using percussion instruments such as a rainmaker.

Noah's ark Small world play in builders tray and water tray using boats and animals

Physical Development

Fine motor skills with playdough and art activities.

Movement in drama and dance sessions

Dance- explore how different animals move.


L.O.-Understand that people have different beliefs that need to be treated with respect

Discuss the feelings Noah may have had when being asked to build the Ark.

L.O,-Work as part of a group or class, taking turns and sharing fairly, understanding that there needs to be agreed values and codes of behaviour for groups of people to work together harmoniously.

"Do you think all of the animals got on well together on the boat?" Link to friendship groups and arguments in the playground.

Care of animals and responsibility of them e.g. pets

Talk about the rainbow as a symbol of the Promise God made to Noah. What is a promise? What promises could we make?


Blue texts are specific RE related activities

Learning Objectives in green text are taken from the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Activities in black text have a cross curricular link to the topic of Noah's Ark.